Tweets of the Week: ‘Get on your bike! We’re going to the top!’

We have some great #BatChamps victories in this week’s Tweets (including a Viking with an eyepatch!), the best Tour Team announcement ever, fondo cookies with Fabs and Phil, PhilGil with a confetti gun and much much more in this Froome-free TWEETS OF THE WEEK!

The BEST Tour Team Announcement EVER

I could have put this in the Tour Talk section, but this Dimension Data video is so special, it just had to go first.

#BikesChangeLives – there is no doubt about that.

#BatChamps The Final

Irish champ – and a great win for Aqua Blue

With an eyepatch no less

Italian road race

Bora are crazy for podiums

Tour time

Let’s get in the mood …

Looking for Chad‘s oversimplified Tour Tweets. Bon chance, Mr Haga!

Looking forward to the acerbic observations of Mr Imlach

Absolutely love that Barbie is riding the Tour – I would love him to win a stage.

Best laid plans of mice and men …

The Gruppetto

Some familiar faces, no longer in the peloton (but always welcome in Tweets!)

Looks like the hatchet has been buried in Switzerland, over some cookies and fondue.

Oh dear. ‘He mainly sulks …’ ‘Pompous and unenlightening’ Looks like nothing from David Millar‘s final season has turned out right …

The mind boggles – I just have to wonder how many pictures of Pippo semi-naked (and fully naked) will be in this bike museum. Midge and I are getting quite the itinerary – Luca Paolini‘s cafe, Zdenek Stybar‘s BnB, Jasper Stuyven’s chocolate shop – now this?! Ambassador, you are really spoiling us!

Roadside art that makes NYVelocity’s heart go thumpity-thump

That’s a hell of a thing to pull out of a musette

Dan Craven has been hinting around about what he’s going to be doing …. we can’t wait to see what it is. Whatever it may be, it will certainly be cooler than a cool thing from Cool Town.

An amazing picture for an amazing year.

Meanwhile, back on the bus … waaaaay back on the bus

I reckon SuperSagan will have at least 10 of these kinds of books out by the time he retires. Have to say, LOVE the art direction on these.

The last word


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