Tweets of the Week: Podium pooches, prancing pandas and the llama king

It was Dauphine week, which then turned into Suisse week. Animals seem to play a huge part in this week’s column, but we also have Daniel Oss at the sewing machine, a Quickstep bromance that just keeps growing and Bedhead getting a few choice words on the road.

Dauphine dogs and drama

The Dauphine has come and gone, but as always it was scenic, it was thrilling and there was a final stage drama for Geraint Thomas.

Podium pooches are the way forward …

or are they?

So, last stage, the maillot jaune gets a puncture on the descent, 40km from the finish. The race was on, there was a stage to win and there was no waiting around from Ag2r. Geraint Thomas did get back into the bunch, after some hard riding, then he had a word with Romain Bardet. This prompted a discussion on Twitter … to wait or not to wait …

There were others who rode together who were much chummier. A little head bump (he could be a podium cat!) to say thanks.

While a breakaway with Thomas De Gendt is always worth celebrating.

Sweet Suisse action

Team time trials aren’t quite as dull when you have Marco PInotti calling the shots.

Loving FDJ’s fine use of TTT emojis …

Then we had the world champion taking the first sprint stage. Oss calls it.

Animal spirits

It’s the panda … pandemonium

Sam Bennett took the win the other day. And is now awaiting his own personal llama.

Of course, Sammmy B doesn’t always have llama-tastic days.

The Gruppetto

Larry Warbasse getting some altitude …

Richie had a motorhome (for a few days) – Gesink has a coffee van (espresso is for life!)

Jungels! BOB JUNGELS!!! ‘yachts after puncture … lowering the cabbage saisies’ It’s like Dr Seuss

It’s the bromance of the summer … can’t wait to see these guys together in the Tour

While the Froome Finestre argument rages on and on

Unsure if I understand this thing for the Suisse team presentation … but if it makes Koen de Kort happy, I’m happy.

I’d be willing for Carlton to change professions

And speaking of picking another career, what happens to cyclists when they hang up their wheels? (Is ‘hermit’ really a career option? Who knew!)

I didn’t realise that ‘poshification’ was a word!

Looks like Daniel Oss won’t be going into fashion though …

And in retirement, someone is having fun …

A babygro for your little Quickstepper

We’d like to add our best wishes to the happy couple!

Twitter is definitely a better place with the Haga brothers!

Waffle Man just can’t get enough of the maple …

Ted better not get any of that near the QuickStep training camp

Bikes change lives

The last word


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