Giro Tweets of the Week: Ghosts, #84kgs and that everlasting mancrush

Well, it’s over now. The 101st Giro d’Italia is done and dusted – but the tweets keep on coming. Oh, it was an exciting, contentious, rabble-rousing (even haunted!) Giro – we have Froome, Dumoulin, Bennett (both of them), among others – and the Twittersphere found some new stars with the tweetings of Alex Dowsett, Chad Haga, and Ryan Mullen. We also have little team films, tweets of pure exhaustion … you know, the usual TWEETS OF THE WEEK! 

Top tweeters

Chad Haga kept us entertained with his oversimplifications, Ryan Mullen #84kg with his climbing struggles, and Alex Dowsett with his bone-dry takes on a racer’s life.

The heaviest man in cycling (it’s all relative) – but he lost some baggage along the way

Aren’t Moms great?

Alex Dowsett has a whole Instagram series around the Giro – behind the scenes and musings. Go! It’s here.

Tactics and Ghosts

Once again, Chris Froome has been the strongest rider – and the most divisive amongst fans. Theories abounded – there was even a little paranormal activity! I’m not going to dwell on this too much, however. There are other stories to get to.

So he did learn something from Wiggins!

Dutch courage

This part of the Tweets is really for Journal Velo and Panache – they both have a serious mancrush on Big Tam.

It must have been the most bittersweet race any of the Mitchelton Scott guys have ever been in.

It was an Irish win in Rome

Oh Pinot

The Gruppetto

When the Astana team bus is neutral territory, you know you’re not in Kansas any longer.

Doin’ a Landis

But no no no! He didn’t mean it that way! >please don’t call the lawyers, please don’t call the lawyers<

Chalk up number 20 for the Mighty Hansen … (Have to say, loving Bertie‘s new look)

I do find it astonishing that riders need to trim and pin their numbers on their kit. So old school

Some pain faces …

One of the little competitions that happen when you’re riding for hours and hours and hours

Cycling is nothing without fans

Chubby little face!

It’s a new Cavendish … Casper by name!

The Tigger of commentary chattin’ with Baby Blackbird

Meanwhile, over in the SuperSagan camp

The last word

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