Giro Tweets of the Week: Perfect in pink, pitching a hissy, punching Dino

Oh, it was *quite* a week at the Giro d’Italia. We had a pink-clad race leader who didn’t believe in racing the status quo, a returning champion who pitched a hissy on the chase, a dinosaur punch-up – it was all happening on the roads of Italy. Except when it was happening on the highways of California … Oh, what the hell – let’s face it – it’s always happening here in Tweets of the Week.

Leaving it all out on the road

This guy is willing to lose the race in order to win it. And win it with panache!

But could there be a dark horse stalking the maglia rosa?

Doing a Sagan

Oh, Tom D is *not* having a happy time this season. He pitched a right hissy after Sunday’s stage – starting to sound a bit like a frustrated Sagan at the Classics.

Why, look! It’s Pinot in front, doing work!

Meanwhile, one good day in the Giro and Sky were talking all big and bad. At the end of Sunday’s stage, Froome was down just shy of 5min on that non-rival Yates

Best dinosaur tweet of the week

Make it so!

I think the vote whether Ladies Favourite™ Bernie Eisel becomes a permanent part of the Eurosport commentary team would be a landslide.

Until that time, we’ll have to settle for Jonathan and Brian

Goin’ Cali

It was also the Tour of California – where we had quite an elaborate victory celebration, a super-fast QuickStepper and

Fernando Gaviria is back to his winning everything in sight … I hope he’s riding the Tour because I would love to see him win on the Champs.

Tell me – just how tiny is Caleb Ewan?

Just a little excited …

And the Maple Syrup King makes an appearance!

The Gruppetto

Bits and pieces from the rest of the racing

Always a good Tweets of the Week when our favourite Manuel Quinziato is in it!

A mechanical at the worst possible moment in the race puts George Bennett right out of contention

Possible the most bizarre crash ever in the history of forever

Fabio in happier times

Jump back! Kiss yourself!

Even the Zoncolan can’t dampen Adam Hansen‘s joie de vivre!


Wheelies and making the cut on the Zoncolan

I love Zdenek Stybar. That is all.

The last word

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