Giro 2018 Tweets of the Week: Camels, ninjas and blue streaks

It’s the first of the Giro 2018 Tweets of the Week and we’re going headlong into it, like a Viviani sprint to the finish. We have all the best tweets from the grande partenza before we take a little detour to Yorkshire where we run into Thomas Voeckler in Asda! Our gruppetto has a Ninja Purito, a blue Jillbear, backstage pass v2, and the perfect California boy, Peter Sagan.

It was a high Vivz weekend

It may have been the most controversial start host of a Grand Tour but the actual racing was dull and flatter than a flat thing from flat town – there was only about 3km of exciting racing in the whole three days. Most of that excitement came from the wheels of quickest man so far this season, Elia Viviani, and his sometime errant sprint train.

It’s Prosecco time!

While Tom D started where he left off – in pink by the end of the first stage

I’m just going to leave this here

Grande Partenza? Nah, not so much

Hmmmmm. They could take some race etiquette lessons from Yorkshire spectators

Camels are the Middle East’s answer to roadside tractors

Whereas these two have gone for a Giro-inspired push-me pull-you

One thing is for sure – Eritrean fans always give it their all!

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire

There’s always a good turnout for the Tour de Yorkshire – although the way it’s talked about as if the roads are empty for every other race is a bit of hubris (have they never been to Flanders?) – but there’s no denying the race has been going from success to success. There might even be a Vuelta start soon.

Wow – looks like Stephane Rossetto  is doing a De Gendt with bells on! 100km as a solo break – and he won! Chapeau!

While there’s some serious mullet action. AquaBlue seemed to really enjoy their Yorkshire wild card – I still cannot believe they didn’t get a wildcard for either the Giro or Tour of California – especially considering Larry Warbasse is the US national champ. Geez, what’s a team gotta do?

The things you see when you’re doing your weekly shop

A near miss – and even though there was an apology, we did notice that the Astana car didn’t stop to see if that marshal was okay. Some things are actually more important than racing, guys, and making sure someone is okay after nearly running them down is one of them. Twitter apologies are not good enough.

This is definitely something to be celebrated

The Gruppetto

Purito on NinjaWarrior TV – now that’s a caption I never thought I’d be writing

Peter Sagan has to be the most Californian rider in the peloton

Love this

Moody blue …

Backstage Pass v2

The Grand Tours just won’t let him go.

If this were true, I’d be one of the strongest riders in the world!

… and this is what I’d eat as part of training

Best hashtag ever.

This has given me vertigo. How on earth does anyone have the courage to go down that thing?

Kitten’s got a sense of humour. Purrrrrrr

Individual mattresses didn’t start with Sky, you know

The Last Word

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