Tweets of the Week: The glorious stallion that is Thomas De Gendt

It’s a ‘beasy’ time as we get ready for the first Grand Tour of the season starting on Friday. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t great racing last week. Today, we celebrate Thomas De Gendt in the Alps, dance with Dan Craven in Senegal and lament the sanitisation of Fabianese. Plus much much more … It’s a bumper crop of TWEETS OF THE WEEK

Let us sing a song of Thomas De Gendt

Cut-offs and commentary

When the cut-off times are hard line.

Some hate TTs (I’m betting that list above are in that group) and some love them. But commentators should never dis them – (not least because it’s their job not to …)

At least he’s stopped saying ‘golden shoulders’

Rose-tinted tweets

In the run-up to the Giro, our timeline is ablush. And guess who is starting yet another consecutive GT? Adam Hansen of course. Go out and get a copy of Cyclist to read all about it.

This might be a bit Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. I’m inclined to love it. If I’m not mistaken, the artist took the scraps from the Giro road book?

But look at this – the Giro hasn’t even started and we’re already talking about the Tour. Looks like Movistar are taking no chances …

What would Dan do?

I’ve decided that when life is getting me down because of world angst, I’m going to ask ‘What would Dan from Nam do?’ He would smile and join in the fun …

The Gruppetto

When you’re on the road …

I don’t think anyone can overestimate what this must have meant to those kids.

I love this …

This might make some of you feel as old as the hills. It did me …

In total agreement with Cillian on this.

But one thing that does seem to be consistent about Geraint Thomas is that he actually gives you something interesting and revealing in interviews. This interview is worth a read.

“Today I had to try but I just didn’t have it, and when you know that then your head just falls off a bit. It’s never nice. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t have a radio and was just trying to pace it.”

Has Jillbear been branching out?

Love this – and there’s a Giro prediction to follow

Is Bedhead branching out?

They’re even sanitising Fabianese. Can’t we ever have anything nice?

Ah, many a day I’ve taken as holiday to watch a big mountain stage and … diddly squat

What’s in a name

Brain surgery!!!! This is astonishing. All the best for a speedy recovery to the Ladies Favourite™.

The last word

Even if you don’t understand Italian, this little film gets its point across. People bandy the word ‘hero’ around a lot when they talk about athletes but winning trophies isn’t heroic. Running into burning buildings to save strangers, standing up to bullies who are having a go at a vulnerable person – those actions are heroic. And what Gino Bartali did during the Second World War is what makes his legend so meaningful.


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