Tweets of the Week: Roubaix reflections

What can you say about a race like Roubaix? Well, quite a lot, actually – and we’ve got it here! We look at the new bromance between Peter Sagan and Silvan Dillier, reactions of other riders to the race, lots of pictures of muddied kit and faces … and so much more. Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Roubaix : A new bromance

We thought that Sagan would drop Dillier like a stone. We thought that Dillier would lose heart and drift back to the chasing group. We thought WRONG! At 55km to go, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that ended in the Velodrome with a heartfelt handshake.

I’m sure if Dillier had seen this tweet – the promise of being immortalised in cheese and watches – he would have thrown himself over the line to beat Sagan.

This just shows how fast they were going.

They both needed each other. Sagan wasn’t taking any chances and didn’t get too complacent. It was an epic ride by both of them. And we loved it!

One thing is for sure: Silvan Dillier’s performance made fans out of everyone who watched him. Someone to keep our eyes on from now on – and continue to cheer for.

You’re riding in one of the biggest races of the year. You’ve got an excellent chance of winning it. Your handlebars need some tightening for the last five-star section. Whaddya gonna do? You’re going to do it yourself, of course.

The Bora team did the world champion proud – Daniel Oss once again being a key factor for the winner of Roubaix, the quiet strength of Juraj Sagan  – and this guy – Marcus Burghardt. The pride on his face is what riding in a team is all about.

Last year, they had little kids leading the guys out to the podium. This year, they went with pyromaniacs.

A palmares to envy. And he’s not anywhere near finished …

Oleg must be in his lair, choking on his blinis.

Like nothing else on Earth …

Muddied faces, muddied bibs …

Whisper it … Arenberg

Because sometimes, when you get in an early break, you end up a legend.


Even the Norse God of Thunde wants to get back out on the cobbles.

I wonder how it feels to watch a race that you’ve ridden so many times – and won.


I think we always should have a little boy speaking French in Tweets.

Yet all was overshadowed …


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