Tweets of the Week: Miracle mozzarella and the Wolfpack ascendancy

We’re almost at the Ronde … but before we get there, we have some warm-up cobbley races to tweet about. This week we fished the twitterstream and found Saganisms, a lone Terpstra, the roaming Wolfpack, tears before podiums, and how to get van Poppeled. Life is like self-healing cheese board …

The Philosopher King

And some new phrases that we will be appropriating pretty much all season!

Self-healing mozzarella cheese balls … who knew?

And some prophetic words before the finish line at Gent-Wevelgem. I think Sagz heard him.

E3 Terpstra

So Niki Terpstra – aided by his teammates particularly PhilGil and Stybar – took the victory on the highway that is E3 Harelbeke.

Ah, my favourite tweet of this week. Thank you, Lois!

Niki had a touch of the Cadels.

Six seems to be the magic number

Tears are not enough

Before the race

And after …

Some agreed with Peter Flax, some did not. Was Viviani attention seeking or was he genuinely upset? Depends on if you live in a town without pity or not, I suppose.

Viv in happier times

More Wolfpack fun!

So the Viviani victory salute in the top left hand corner looks like something out of Benny Hill …

The Gruppetto

Not sure which part they thought was so entertaining – those riding immodestly on those cobbles or Moscon getting blockchecked into the barriers.

Secret frites stalls

Break out the heat lamps and fluffy towels – the little kangaroo needs to be warmed up! We so hope that Chaves gets his mojo back for the Grand Tour season. We miss his aggressive riding and his wide smile.

While here’s baby Boonen with little tufty hair like a red squirrel

Fun pun! Wout?

Dear Lord, don’t let Carlton Kirby get hold of this nickname – we’ll never ever hear anything else whenever Lawless is on the screen.

Volta Catalunya was no picnic …

I think ASO just made Team Wiggins pick up the tab for that jiffy bag

I think this sentence should probably read: Tour de France would like to refuse to let Chris Froome race … nothing is definite, that’s for sure.

De Panne! De Panne!

Good point, Felix

Oleg just the other day

On a good day, this man is unstoppable.

Throwing shade (good thing he has those dark goggles on)

I’m assuming that Cav isn’t include Cipo in the ‘wonderful fans, family & friends’ bit

Say it three times fast: Gent-Wevelgem Gruber Gallery … (great to see the Grubers back in our timeline!)

The last word

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