Tweets of the Week: Shark jumps Porsche, bollard jumps Cav

It was a Monument weekend – the first of the season. It was Milan-SanRemo weekend and there was a shark circling … just in time for today’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK!

 His Nibs for the win

It might be Tuesday but I have a feeling that there are a lot of Italian cycling fans who are still celebrating. The first Italian win in 12 years, a Grand Tour winner (all three GTs) taking on ‘the sprinter’s Monument’. And if that’s not enough, Vincenzo Nibali has completed the Italian triple crown – Giro d’Italia, Il Lombardia and Milan-SanRemo. The prosecco must have been flowing day and night!

A masterclass in use of emojis from Daniel Friebe.

With a palmares like Nibblets, there really is a case for him being one of the best riders of his generation. If he adds the rainbow stripes this year, that would seal it.

Give him an inch and he’ll take the trophy. Rookie error from the peloton on the Poggio

Not everyone was enamoured with the finish of the race, however.

While a straight-talking Peter Sagan brought anatomy into the mix.

Chocolate for little Emma and a Porsche for Daddy

It could have been a win from a bygone era

But what about Peter?

Perhaps Daniel Oss jinxed it with the practice Prosecco spray?

Meanwhile during the race, Sagan seemed to have a note to himself. There was some speculation as to what it might have said.

Sagan is quickly becoming the Eric Cantona of cycling. Seagulls, trawlers, sardines …

Whereas Eddy Merckx isn’t much of a poet. But he does talk sense.

Snark for the Shark

It wouldn’t be Tweets without a little good-natured snark from the tweeters

It’s a dangerous sport

He started out so optimistic

The Gruppetto

I want.

I cannot resist pictures of little kids excited about cycling

Now this will be interesting

We can all be more Larry now, with some AquaBlue casual wear! (Unfortunately, no Captain America replica kit. I’d even settle for just a teeshirt of it!)

DanFromNam just seems like one of the coolest, nicest guys around.

The last word

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