Tweets of the Week: Cobbley goodness and desert tantrums

This week, we have cobbley goodness with KBK and Omloop, total meltdown in Abu Dhabi courtesy of Tom Dumoulin, the joys of retirement courtesy of Spartacus and Lord Hoy, Captain America and Bedhead in France, and much much more! 

Groanin’ Wagon hauls ass

It was a cold and crisp Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne with attacks and splits and breaks and attacks … until Dylan Groenewegen made his presence known as he blasted past Arnaud Demare in the final kilometre to take a fabulous sprint win.

Barbie wears no gloves. Ever.

Loved seeing Daniel Oss and Jasper Stuyven give it a go for glory. Who knows how far they would have gotten if Oss hadn’t had a flat.

The ‘uhhh’ other guy is coming up later in Tweets … #StayAlert #DumoulinMeltdown

Poor Gaviria

Muur muurs

It just takes a little inspiration…

Just me or does PhilGil look like he’s the misunderstood hero of a science fiction movie about workers in a Martian cobalt mine  plotting revolution?

In the golden age of Hollywood, they used to put vaseline on the camera lens when filming female stars to soften the look. “I’m ready for my close-up, Eurosport!”

Solid gold

Oh dearie dearie me … Tom Dumoulin turns the air blue as he goes into full meltdown at the side of an Abu Dhabi highway. I wouldn’t want to be his mechanic.

The Gruppetto

It’s Larry! Stars and stripes forever!

Bedhead‘s back!

That headline doesn’t bode well

Fabs and Lord Hoy in a taxi with Henry VIII. So that’s what retirement looks like …

I think maybe BMC was going for a superman look, but failed.

Looks like that new pink and green kit is giving the guys serious legs.

If the bergs were sponsored

Hmmmm, I don’t think the naked version of TDU was featured in Midge’s Final KM reports.

Just me or does this look like GVA inflated his coat?

It isn’t easy being a cycling fan on a continent far far away

Mavis really does live the life of Riley.


Nice snap

Hoping the ArgoSunGod gets his mojo back

The last word



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