Tweets of the Week: Sweeter than discount Nutella!

Oh, wow, we have a packed TWEETS this week! We’re starting a #LetAquaBlueRide campaign. We’ve got a Pope, Nutella chaos, a Vegemite challenge and the world’s most expensive cup of instant (blech!) coffee. We have some race winners, hospital reports, some serious words about what sport can be and finish it off with a true hero. It’s a mixed bag of awesomeness! Let’s go! 

The never-ending story

Every day we hear about cyclists being hit by cars, vans, trucks, whether on their commute into work, on a weekend ride or even on a training ride with a pro team. Of course, we can never forget that this is how Michele Scarponi died last year. Unfortunately, we had another big incident between bikes and trucks in South Africa with the Quick-Step team that put Laurens De Plus and Petr Vakoc in hospital. Luckily, both are on the mend.


AquaBlue, who did such a great job animating all the WorldTour races they were in last year, have been overlooked (to put it mildly) when it came to wild card distribution so far in 2018. Cillian wrote this before it was announced that they had, in fact, got into a Monument – Liege-Bastogne-Liege. But no Grand Tour … that is so disappointing – for both the team and the many fans they’ve won. We say #LetAquaBlueRide!

Nutella and other injuries

A hazelnut spread that spreads only violence …

A few of our usual suspects at VeloVoices Towers have denied any involvement …

I’m not a Nutella fan, myself. But I could get on board with these recipes, I think.

From the sweet to the … well …

Crimes against coffee achievers …

The Gruppetto

Here’s hoping this is just the start of winning ways for The Mighty Degs this season. Yeah baby!

Wise words from John Amaechi about what sport can be – and what it’s not.

I love this photo from Marshall Kappel – the colours are so sharp and rich.

I’m SO ready for the Classics this year.

Cooler than a cool thing from Cool Town

Best. Gif. EVER

It might not have anything to do with cycling, but it’s definitely worth a place in Tweets.

Always love seeing a rider taking time out to make a young fan’s day.

SpokeyDokey‘s response to this really made me laugh.

Gianni Moscon seems a bit ambitious this season. Yet, at the time of writing, he’s still waiting to hear if he’s going to get a ban after his referral to the UCI Disciplinary Commission over Sebastien Reichenbach‘s crash last season.

Oh, Schengen, we love you so …. before you came along, we had this.

“Hi, I’m the Pontiff … ”

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands …

Reactions to the KidneyDefence keep rolling in.

While every cloud has a silver lining, at least for David de la Cruz – is this a masterclass in trolling or just serendipitous.

Liking this Swedish national jersey.

I might just start a green energy company called Gorilla Power.

We love this story – what a good guy is Ryan Mullen

I love this!

Bora has thrown down the gauntlet for the season, it seems.

Things that make us go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

The last word

Gino Bartali was a great cyclist. But an even greater person. Someone who put others’ safety and survival before his own. Who fought racism and injustice with the weapons that he had – his bike and his courage. We can all be a bit more Bartali.

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