Tweets of the Week: Tattoos, kidneys, inflatables and waffles

Tour Down Under now done and dusted – it was a hot race (temperature wise) with the usual Willunga Hill win by Richie Porte and the predictions that due to Caleb Ewan‘s performance, this will be his season. What was a surprise was a soap star winning the whole thing! It’s another irreverent Tweets of the Week with creepy tattoos, disguised DSs on bikes, echelon laments and waffles

And so I did!

Not to be confused with #IDidThat! – Chris Horner‘s crazy stream-of-consciousness rant from a few years ago. Another year, another TDU …

Robbie from EastEnders‘s second career as a cyclist for Mitchelton-Scott has been a real success …

The first of many this season for the Velvet Samurai 

Just as the ‘Richie Porte downplays his chances of a TDU win’ evergreen headline, this tweet is one that can just be retweeted each January.

TDD off to a good start!

Let me help you with that

So, after a hot stage, SuperSagan decides to help some guys take down one of the inflatables. Which was nice of him. But I don’t quite understand why he did it – they seemed to have everything under control so it wasn’t a rescue situation. However, Peter Sagan is Peter Sagan and he does what he does and that’s why we love him. It certainly made an impression on his Twitter fans.

Again, Sagan is Sagan and he does what he does, but wow, this tattoo is pretty creepy.

It’s gettin’ hot out here …

One of the defining traits of this year’s Tour Down Under was the high temperatures.

I think one thing all cycling fans can agree on is that Adam Hansen is not a man to make a big deal about something unless he really is at the end of his tether. Well, his tether ended the other day.

When it’s so hot, you dream of wind and rain

The Gruppetto

I wasn’t going to address the Froome salbutamol situation in Tweets but these responses to the latest malfunctioning kidney theory were just too funny to leave out.

In the ‘clutching at things to write about’ category.

A little less echelon action from now on – and we’re sad. Tour of Qatar was to get WorldTour standing this season, but then the race folded due to lack of sponsors.

A few last words from the TDU.

Unsure what to do with this tweet/film … so I’ll just put it here

Looking forward to seeing this guy get his sprint on in the big races this season.

The Last Word

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