Tweets of the Week: Slippery, saucy and sweet

It’s the start of another season of cycling here at VeloVoices Towers – and that means the start of another season of Tweets of the Week! This week, we have riders dipped in baby oil (slippery!), having a pillow fight (saucy!) and dressed as liquorice allsorts (sweet!). Plus, as it’s Tour Down Under time, the obligatory pictures of riders with roos (jumpy!). Let’s hop to it then …

New kits and all sorts …

Really unsure about this new Cannondale kit (and yes I know they now have an incredibly long and complicated team name that I am almost sure not to ever remember). But what does that colour combination remind me of?

What they will look like in the helicopter shots …

Seems the teams have really gone off black and dark blue now – we have a lot of turquoise, reds and whites.

Oil ’em up

“Right, we’re doing our team presentation. The Wolfpack [do people really call them that?] will be dipped in baby oil and then lit with a terrifying blue light that makes PhilGil look like a dangerous hitchhiker and Julian looking angrier than ever.”

The procycling equivalent of a Friends photoshoot. (So PhilGil definitely looks like Robert Downey Jr in this picture …)

I’m going to have to get this issue of Rouleur – from this quote, it looks like Midshipman Gilbert has a lot to say.

It’s all about the roos

It never gets old.

The Gruppetto

During the TDU presser, Andre Greipel – who is 1.84m tall and about 82kg in weight – was asked about Aussie wonderboy Caleb Ewan – who is 1.65m tall and 61kg in weight …

And Caleb’s response …

Does it look like Baby Blackbird might want to fly again, looking at the 2018 Vuelta route? I think he’s just teasing us …

However, he will be visible in the Grand Tours as Eurosport has snapped him up for commentary. Not sure if British Eurosport will be showing it, but it would be interesting to hear his insights on the racing.

Karen Edwards, one of VeloVoices’ favourite snappers, made her TV debut – we love that shot of Larry Warbasse in his Captain America kit. It’s great to see her getting the appreciation her work so richly deserves. Looking forward to seeing what she captures this season!

White/silver hair. It’s my dream to have hair this colour. I wonder what products Sylvain Chavanel used to become the peloton’s silver fox.

I shall be listening to this closely.

Perhaps Koen is riding to get away from that giant snake that nearly ate him?

Peter Sagan has already put a win on the board of his 2018 season – new teammate Daniel Oss is so happy that, well, he’s got his team leader in an embrace of sorts…

That’s before Sagan thanked him for ‘doing the cameraman’. Oh, those crazy boys!

And this is just cool …

The last word


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