VeloVoices Awards 2017: If only …

If we could alter one little thing about the race season what would it be? This new category is all about wishful thinking for riders and for ourselves. What wishes would we like to come true? 

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Tom Boonen had lifted his fifth cobble

Kathi: I would have loved to see Tom Boonen take the top step of the Roubaix podium once more, to bring his amazing career to a fairytale end. But with typical grace, when asked about that end, Tommeke said: “This life stops at the end of Roubaix, then another one starts.”

Sagan hadn’t been disqualified from the Tour de France

Sheree: He would have most probably won his sixth consecutive green points’ jersey, one short of the absolute record. IMHO it wasn’t at all clear who was to blame for Mark Cavendish’s crash on stage 4 and this lack of clarity rendered his disqualification ludicrous. The race jury relied upon a proviso in the UCI rulebook that allows it to extend the normal penalty associated with “endangering other riders” to a full disqualification in a “serious case.” I would question whether it met the “serious case” standard because that implies a certain a level of intent and aggression. Sadly, because of that dubious disqualification, the fans were denied what might have been the first ding-dong battle for the green jersey in ages. The jury also denied Sagan the possibility of making history.

Luka Pibernik had been on the last lap

Midge: I can see it now. Bahrain Merida’s young Slovenian Luka Pibernik breaking free of the chasing pack and sailing over the line, arms spread wide, for a life changing victory on stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia in his captain’s home town of Messina. It was a chance taken with bravado. Perfect in all ways except one… it was one lap too early.

We had more riders like Contador in the peloton

Panache: Who is going attack attack attack and turn the racing upside down now? Who is going to race to win and refuse to sit back to defend second, third, tenth place? Who will dance up those mountains?

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