VeloVoices Awards 2017: Best Hair

One man, five hair styles, all in one year. I’ve chosen to list by length, not chronologically, but they are all from 2017. Choose your favourite mane for the lion of the peloton, Peter Sagan.

Previous winners: 2015 – Daniel Oss; 2016 – Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan – The lion shorn

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Shaved head, droopy moustache – did boredom make him do it?

Peter Sagan – Starting over

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The hairstyle most like when Peter was just a pup in the peloton so many years ago.

Peter Sagan – Goggles and locks

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With his Prince Valiant do and his orange psychedelic ski goggles, this style comes middle of the Sagan hair spectrum.

Peter Sagan – Man bun and beard

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Not ready to cut it, but need to get it out of your eyes during a press conference – it’s the man bun and beard combo.

Peter Sagan – Psycho trucker qu’est-ce que c’est

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“I got a tarpaulin in the back of my pick-up …”


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