Vuelta Tweets of the Week: A new bromance, a boy bus and riding without regrets

It was an odd week at the Vuelta – a lot of drama but not the big stages we were hoping for. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a big Vuelta Tweets of the Week – because we do! We have a new bromance, courtesy of Quick-Step, Aqua Blue resilience, Baby Blackbird without regrets, and Spartacus finishes his first triathlon.

Bromance alive and well

In the Tour, we had WaWa and Bling – for the Vuelta, we have Jungels! BOB JUNGELS! and Angryphilippe. Another great Grand Tour bromance!

Their hotel rooms weren’t so great though.


Looked like the Aqua Blue team just wasn’t getting a run of luck in this year’s Vuelta – Larry Warbasse out with two broken hands (among other bones) and then their bus torched. But the other teams stepped up!

Nothing like a handful of Haribo after a long, hard stage.

Seems Larry Warbasse hasn’t injured his financial sense at all.

Karen Edwards has been taking some absolutely amazing images of the Aqua Blue team this Vuelta.

Bertie flies

Only six stages left … and he hangs up his wheels. I’m starting to get tearful already. But he’s going out with panache.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Baby Blackbird so relaxed. The fans are getting a real treat this Vuelta.

Stating the obvious

Meanwhile, Froome is tweaking Nibali’s nose …

The Gruppetto

Meanwhile, the UCI had another successful week …

The Worlds are looking to be a right cracker this year, with the Belgians almost certainly looking to put GVA in the rainbow jersey.

Spartacus has taken to triathlon

Daniele Bennati is taking over the title of Emoji King from Pippo.

“Fate unthinkable”

Phil Gaimon has found the unicorn!

The last word

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