Vuelta Tweets of the Week: Argyle ride proud, WaWa shown the door and Contador cheered

Well, well, well … it has been quite the week! It’s just been one big story after another – from Cannondale going to the wall to WaWa going to the airport. But one of the biggest stories of this Vuelta is still the man we lovingly call Baby Blackbird. Everybody wants a piece of him – and he’s having fun in his last grand tour ever.

Last ride of Cannondale?

Here’s the official announcement from Slipstream

The Cannondale riders might not be sure of their future, but they are certainly sure of how they want to ride this Vuelta. With pride – and with huge argyle hearts.

Michael Woods animated the finish of Stage 9, vying with both Chris Froome and Esteban Chaves for the stage win. A brilliant effort on what could only be a very tough day, emotionally.

No matter how this story turns out – and we hope it turns out well for all those whose jobs are in danger – we wish everyone well and thank you Cannondale for animating pro cycling for a decade.

WaWa goes ByeBye

Oh dear – Warren Barguil, the darling of the Tour de France (and best buds with Michael Matthews), has well and truly marked his copybook, being ‘removed’ from the Vuelta for not following team orders on what to do during stages. Highly controversial – rare that teams kick guys off unless there’s been an adverse test. Kind of reminds me of when Saxo Bank kicked Andy Schleck and Stuart O’Grady off the 2010 Vuelta for drinking too many beers and being out late.

Praise, Breaks and a Bunny Hop

Angryphilippe finally got his grand tour victory – and in some style on Stage 8 (my favourite stage so far).

It’s a little dance!

This was, quite possibly, the most popular tweet of the entire week. Give us a wiggle …

Tanja is right – Baby Blackbird is the only one who hasn’t written a book. Some have “written” several volumes, detailing smaller and smaller amounts of time and most ghostwritten so carefully as to reveal the better part of nothing …

Contador isn’t the only Trek rider who is loving this year’s Vuelta. Koen de Kort seems to be beside himself with fierce joy …

There seem to be a lot of stages like this in grand tours these days.

The Hurt Locker

BrakeThrough are capturing some of the best shots of the Vuelta. Here with Jungels! BOB JUNGELS! unzipped and praying for the end of the stage. 

Just me or do these Sunwebbers look about 12?

The aftermath of super steep Stage 9.

Poor Larry Warbasse. Has the best kit in the peloton by a long chalk and he hits the deck and has to go home.

Carlos Betancur did what a lot of riders do. Get up off the tarmac after a serious crash and finish the stage. It was later discovered he had a fractured ankle and, from the looks of it, a lot of dental work in his future. Needless to say, he didn’t start the next day. But I have to wonder, with head and facial injuries, maybe it’s time for riders to stop just getting back on their bikes?

The Gruppetto

The truth

Frandy lives!

Smiles after the pain – courtesy of Daniel Oss

“After all, we are not communists” (10 points if you can tell me what film that line is from … GO!)

Rest day relaxation – but wouldn’t the guys like to actually be swimming?

Never knowingly missing a good tweet from Andre Greipel 

I suspect this special service will be used a LOT

Dan from Nam!!! 

The last word

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