Tour Tweets of the Week: Pox and hearts; pain faces and dead eyes

It’s the final Tour Tweets of the Week for 2017 – and it’s a bumper crop. We have Kwiatkowski and Froome pleading to #FreeLanda, WaWa Barguil takes the pox and hearts, Bedhead Bardet gives it all – and we’ve got it all – all except podium pictures, that is.

It ain’t easy

They might make it look easy but frozen in a photograph, they tell another story

And when you’ve given everything but got only disappointment …

The question on Saturday night (and Sunday morning) was if Mikel Landa would go rouge and try to get two seconds on Bardet, knocking Bedhead off the podium on the Champs. Landa toyed with that thought …

For the love of pox

I love that Bling has that weird bemasked alien plushie under his arm while carrying around his post-stage chow. But what a wonderful bromance between Bling and WaWa.

Nothing but class from Thomas De Gendt.

At least Macron didn’t try that knuckle-busting handshake that he gave a certain orange clown a few weeks ago.

It was announced on Saturday that Barguil had been awarded the Overall Combativity Award, with 4 votes to 2 for Thomas De Gendt. One of the two votes was for the fans vote. And this is what TDG said.

Quite an achievement.

#FreeLanda #KeepKwiato

Everyone wants to #FreeLanda but more importantly, Sky definitely want to make sure they keep Kwiatkowski – my MVP of the Tour.

During Saturday’s time trial, in which Kwiatkowski finished second overall – 1sec off the winner Bodnar‘s time. Which prompted this tweet from Dr Hutch and the reply from Cillian Kelly.

Baby Blackbird

“Now I’ve seen it all”

The ovation Baby Blackbird received as he started the TT on Saturday. They make a big noise for being such a sparse crowd …

Tears and Toblerone

It’s not an easy decision to abandon because of injury but even when you’ve made the decision, it still hurts a lot.

Luckily, Marcel was able to bounce back, with the help of chips and, um, mysterious meat products.

Tweet below translated by Twitter: “Because there yesterday justified tears flowed at our teammate Kittel in the Tour …  ”

To which ArgoSunGod replied: “😅🍅 I feel better already! The handkerchiefs are also on offer? 😉”

Richie‘s feeling better and using the Marcel Kittel Healing Diet™

Farewell to Thomas Voeckler

This was Voeckler’s last Tour – I remember his first stint in yellow, oh about 13 years ago – time flies when you’re in the break.

The Gruppetto

Cyril Gautier decided to brave the wrath of the UCI (remember the Giro – U for unromantic?) with his final stage proposal.

I love this little film. Really love it. Yoann Offredo greets his (very big) family as he rides the final stage to Paris.

Philosophical question: If a shirtless old man astride a vintage tractor is not seen by NYVelocity, does he really exist?

From one Aussie green jersey winner to another – Bling is part of Robbie‘s crew now.

And speaking of Robbie McEwen, the fans in Australia might have to stay up to crazy o’clock to see the Tour stages but they do get Robbie commentating the races – I’m so jealous!

The Colombians of their dreams – I love this video.

The little kid in the red teeshirt – his face when meeting Sylvain Chavanel!!!!! Absolutely adorable – and after a tough stage for the Angry Cats, they still signed away for all their fans.

Billions and BILLIONS of viewers for Tour de Yorkshire!

Street-fightin’ man

They can hear you!

And then there were three

I’m personally taken with the pedaling fraise de bois!!

It’s a gas gas gas

When daddy wins a race

This is the only time I’ve seen Esteban Chaves in this Tour. Let’s hope he bounces back for defense of his Il Lombardia title later this year.

EBH‘s win

I’m fairly sure that Kaitlin de Kort and I would be best friends if we ever met. She has the right priority!

Ah, the return of Wei Yuet and his gorgeous photographs!

That Boy Phinney, just chillin’ in the hot seat of Saturday’s ITT

Rigo has his own special way of warming up for a TT

A dickhead and his flag

“I’m not ready to move up for the espresso yet …”

While Tony Gallopin can’t actually move up …

Oh Bernie, we love you so

The last word

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