VeloVoices Podcast 107: The 2nd Panachetastic Week of the Tour de France

In our 107th episode, Midge, Kathi (who has recovered) and Chris discuss stages 10 through 15 of the 2017 Tour de France. Kathi and Midge discuss their hope to see #RougeLanda escape the Skybots on the road while Chris worships at the pedals of Thomas De Gendt. All of us are in agreement, however,  over the excitement of this week’s stages. Vive le Tour!
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Tour de France 2017 : Final KM stages 10-15

Sqwauk-a-doodle-doo! It’s been a chaotic and fascinating second week of the 2017 Tour de France – Kittel gets into the record books, Bling hunts for green, WaWa has the Powa and Sky are getting a run for their money by the boys in the brown bibs. Your final KMs are here …

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