VeloVoices Podcast 106: An infamous first week of Tour de France 2017

In our 106th episode, Midge and Chris discuss the first 9 stages of the 2017 Tour de France while Kathi sits out because she missed the time cut. Special attention is paid to the controversial decision by the race jury on stage 4 as well as the carnage and brutality of stage 9. The VeloVoices will be back next week to discuss the action of the second week! Vive le Tour!

Listen here:

Stage reviews here:

TDF2017 Stage 1 

TDF2017 Stage 2

TDF2017 Stage 3

Tour Tweets of the Week 1

TDF2017 Stage 4

TDF2017 Stage 5

TDF2017 Stage 6 

TDF2017 Stage 7 

Tour Tweets of the Week 2 

TDF2017 Stage 8

TDF2017 Stage 9 



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