Tour Tweets of the Week: Clips and crashes and all things German

We’re through the first weekend of the 2017 Tour de France and we’ve had crashes, popular breakaways and a ‘clipping incident’. And that was just on Twitter. (>snare< >cymbal<)We have Geraint Thomas, Peter SaganMarcel Kittel, Taylor Phinney, Spongebob Squarepants – yes, Spongebob Squarepants! and much much more

What’s maillot jaune in Welsh?

The first yellow jersey of the race was taken by Geraint Thomas, who had a storming ITT in rainy conditions – just like home, I suppose. It was also the first yellow jersey for Wales – and G’s first Leo plushie …

THAT photograph

Stage 2’s crash captured … itlooks like the Mannequin Challenge or some sort of Renaissance tableau. Amazing photograph by Chris Auld, who unbelievably is taking pictures at his first Tour de France.

Here’s one Chris made earlier –  love this! We’ll be keeping our eyes on this guy!

All things German

Dusseldorf said ‘hellooooooooo Tour de France!’* this weekend and Marcel Kittel repaid the crowd’s enthusiasm with a sprint win. In Belgium. But he still got tearful at the finish. We love him.

(*maybe not in English)

I cannot get used to Philippe Gilbert in just a regular, run-of-the-mill Quickstep jersey. Nothing against Oliver Naesen at all (in fact he was a very popular win), but PhilGil in the Belgian nat champs jersey is one of those iconic images of cycling. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack now …

Maybe it was on purpose …

He unclips, he clips, he surges, he wins. #Simples

SuperSagan getting philosophical – he must have been taking life lessons from That Boy Phinney.

We’re friends for life now, dude!

Yeah, we’ve talked a lot about That Boy Phinney this weekend, giving him Rider of the Race on stage 1 and co-rider of the race on stage 2 for his breakaway with Yoann Offredo. And why shouldn’t we?

He looks rather pleased in his polka-dot fabulousness.

This is my favourite tweet in the Phinney Weekend Collection.

And here’s a little French ad for you that kind of explains it …

The Gruppetto

I really thought we’d heard the last from this jackass. (Oleg – not Dan!)

Disc brakes … until the twelfth of never …

It’s all glamour and razzmatazz at the Tour de France – even for the journalists. Um … ah …

Wow, those are some badass Sith Priests.

Only if you have an inappropriate obsession with Thomas Voeckler, Lukas.

Words of wisdom from Dan Martin

I don’t know where to begin with this …

Hopefully, Alejandro Valverde will have a speedy recovery.

Everyday is like Sunday

I hope you ladies have your Victorian fainting couches ready …

Ah, the clean cut handsomeness of Zdenek Stybar

This just made me laugh.

Last Word

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