Tweets of the Week: Horns, hulas and triumphant tears

The Tour de Suisse, with its fresh Alpine air and Bjorn, the mountain goat warlock, gave us a lot of fun and a few tears – good, wholesome, heartfelt tears. If you’re tired of Larry Warbasse, then you’re tired of life, my friend – and you might want to skip the first section of this column, cos we are continuing to show him the love. Besides ol’ Lar, we have Hawaiian Tropic Sagan, antlers and rebellious cows, the effervescent Esteban Chaves, tattoo philosophy from That Boy Phinney and so much more in this edition of Tweets of the WEEEEEEEEK

Someone give this guy a hug

Larry Warbasse pulled off one of the most popular wins this season on Stage 4 of the Tour de Suisse. But it was his post-stage interview, when he broke down in tears as he spoke of how much it meant to him to win that stole everyone’s hearts. And made everyone cry. I *still* cry when I see it – you can’t get over the sincerity of emotion.

Rock-a-hula baby!

We’ve had Running Man, we’ve had the Hulk, we’ve even had green hair at the end of the Tour de France. Looks like SuperSagan is not only honing his racing form for July but also his victory salutes. Give us a little hula, baby!

I really have no idea what is going on here but … well, here it is

Mountain goat warlocks and rebellious cows

Bjorn, the mountain goat warlock, has been handing out trophies with tiny antlers – antlers, ha! more like antenna – to bewildered riders all week.

Then, on Sunday, Lasse Norman Hansen, winner of the mountains jersey, got a trophy that couldn’t possibly get through airport security. The antlers grow strong with this one …

There is, however, a rebellion going on – les vaches de Suisse were testing the strength of Bjorn’s mountainy magic.

Don’t be surprised if, next year, Bjorn has been replaced with Elsa.

And this would be the (slightly disturbing) plushie.


The Gruppetto

This! This is a revolution!

Who can say no to that smile?! We’re looking forward to seeing what the Little Kangaroo can do in his first TdF.

Tom D with some weight problems? Wow, he must have really let himself go after the Giro.

Fruit-flavoured hotels – interesting.

The 7km Tunnel of Fun at this year’s Tour de Suisse was rather disappointing for some.

Pierre Rolland is having a bit of a resurgence this season. He took a great stage win in Route du Sud this week and if I’m not mistaken, at the very end of this gif, his lower lip is starting to quiver. It’s been such an emotional season – guys have been working hard, going all out for wins, and tears of joy flow when they succeed. My kind of season!

I guess getting pissed has a couple meanings …

We shall crown him King Kenny the Valiant 

Oh dear. I think some club riders and Stravanistas are taking things a bit too seriously if this is how they behave.

Even Luke, the nicest guy in the Chicago area, has to put up with attitude on a ride!

Tough love at Trek Segafredo! (Although I would say, hot damn, the Mighty Degs looks good in that kit)

Our Fabs has made it to Monaco on his charity bike ride for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We’ll be breaking out the bubbly on the VeloVoices drinks trolley when he gets back!

Forearm philosophy … this tattoo is on the arm of That Boy Phinney.

The last word

“On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of…”

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