VeloVoices Podcast 105: I want to be Peter Sagan’s baby!

In our 105th episode, Midge waxes lyrical about the Criterium du Dauphine, Kathi flies through the Tour de Suisse and Chris confesses his wish to be Peter Sagan‘s baby. (Yes, really …) After we get that shocking piece of information out of the way, we turn our attention to the riders and stages we’re looking forward to at this year’s Tour de France. Then while giving well-deserved shout-outs to the new batch of national champions, news of the finish of the US race comes through to whoops and hollers all round! #WEWEREEXCITE!

We apologize for audio problems on our first attempt to publish this podcast!
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The Big Interview: US Nat Champ Larry Warbasse

A few weeks ago, VeloVoices sat down for a chat with Aqua Blue’s Larry Warbasse, just before he took his first WorldTour victory in the Tour de Suisse and stole everyone’s heart with his heartfelt interview at the end of the stage – and his uncontrollable tears of joy and relief. Let’s find out more about this Michigan lad who made good … 
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Tweets of the Week: Horns, hulas and triumphant tears

The Tour de Suisse, with its fresh Alpine air and Bjorn, the mountain goat warlock, gave us a lot of fun and a few tears – good, wholesome, heartfelt tears. If you’re tired of Larry Warbasse, then you’re tired of life, my friend – and you might want to skip the first section of this column, cos we are continuing to show him the love. Besides ol’ Lar, we have Hawaiian Tropic Sagan, antlers and rebellious cows, the effervescent Esteban Chaves, tattoo philosophy from That Boy Phinney and so much more in this edition of Tweets of the WEEEEEEEEK
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