Giro Tweets of the Week: Thieves, superheroes and the Tao of Geraint Thomas

There’s one big story and a dozen or so teeny tiny ones in this week’s Giro Tweets. First up, we have a heavy dose of Welsh calm in the wake of Italian chaos. Yes, we sing a song of Geraint Thomas

Welsh Zen

It feels that Geraint Thomas‘s cycling life is full of drama – but his attitude certainly isn’t. On Sunday’s Blockhaus stage, his entire team crashed around him and at first it looked like he’d be leaving the Giro in an ambulance. But after it was ascertained that his shoulder popped out (!) … and presumably someone popped it back in (ye gods!) …  he rode hard to minimise his losses, finished the stage and still had the wherewithal to speak coherently to the press once across the finish line. Hell’s bells, I’ve been more dramatic telling someone that the toner has run out in the photocopier at VeloVoices Towers! If only we could all have the inner serenity of the man they call G.

Roving reporters and superheroes

Roving reporter Ashley House shows that he and the Movistar DS have the reflexes of big cats. Giant cats, dressed in navy blue …

Intrepid girl reporter and the Lion of the Peloton – I see an adventure series in their future.

Choice words … ?

Nairo Quintana is not known for his chit-chat but he certainly made a bold – and (quite frankly) odd – statement at the end of racing on Sunday night.

Did Pantani ever show his teeth like that at a finish?

Beats, thieves and one crazy-eyed mascot

Beat poets – Mods – do you ever get the feeling that photographer Scott Mitchell (@modcyclingphoto) just doesn’t want to live in today’s world? (He might be on to something, actually)

As if they don’t have enough to contend with, the f*ckwits who run alongside cyclists are now pinching their bidons. Stealing is stealing, you moron.

These thieves didn’t even know the goldmine they were leaving behind when they broke into Phil Gaimon‘s car.

More bad behaviour and a mystery that will never be solved. What exactly happened  between Diego Rosa and Javier Moreno under the canopy of leaves?

‘Peschici is waiting’ Damn! That sounds like a threat to me. And that crazy-eyed stare – Peschici is a loose cannon – anything could happen! #StayAlert

The Gruppetto

Seed. That’s where he’s going. To seed…

Special cookie delivery for That Boy Phinney 

It’s all happening in California … So much more relaxed than the Giro!

Spinning with pom-poms one minute, having a fight with the tarmac the next. Poor Toms is out with a broken collarbone.

Not sure if Tom Dumoulin knows this but The Who used to throw television sets out of hotel windows. So if cycling is the new rock ‘n’ roll (some say it is!), we’re in big trouble!

Any day’s a good day when we can include Manuel Quinziato in Tweets of the Week.

Fabs on the loose!

The ArgoSunGod in his natural habitat.

The last word


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