Tweets of the Week: Up and over the Poggio

There’s only one story … Milan-San Remo. Lion of the Peloton v  the Polish Flower v Angryphilippe. Yeah baby!

When they were pups

It’s a rivalry that goes waaaaay back – back when SuperSagan used hair clippers.

KwiatKrush in Victory

His brilliant win at Strade, his amazing win at MSR. The man who won the rainbow stripes through an audacious attack is back with a vengeance!

“I love you, man! You’re my best friend!” “I coulda been a contender!”

The Velvet Animator

What a great photograph! (Why, in the past year or so, does everyone suddenly spell lose as loose? L.O.S.E. = fail to win; L.O.O.S.E. = unbound … ‘it’s loose!’ Is it a damn autocorrect thing?)

The Gruppetto

I’m sure the guys really appreciated all that smoke on their ride.

What a little cutie!

No doubt about it, MSR is a tough race.

300km and this was the most exciting bit until about 30km to go … then it absolutely kicked ass.

Alaphilippe pre-race …

Alan Philippe after the race …

The last word

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