Tweets of the Week: Tighten up your shoes cos gummy bears are GO!

It was the start of the Belgian classics and the weekend did not disappoint. The action was non-stop, the quality of the participants exceptional and the results astounding – and that was just Twitter! The weekend was dominated, in one way or the other, by Peter Sagan – and therefore so is this column. So brace yourself … we’re not taking the bike path, we’re riding full on the cobbles for this edition of Tweets of the Week!

Saturday …

First race of the weekend was Omloop Het Nieuwsblad – a race name you say to your friends just to bewilder them (or is that just me?). We’ll get straight to the action – action that forced Tom Boonen to abandon halfway through the race due to crashes. It made many fans very sad.

Tommeke might have abandoned but this guy was beasting it on the front with exceptional bike handling skills, more power than a ranger (get it?), and the look of a werewolf.

om-sagan-skills-1 om-sagan-skills-2

I really just don’t know how Sep Formica can put that ridiculous melon on his head every race.

om-ugly-battle om-ugly-battle-2

The final few kilometres of this race were nail-biting stuff.


And the tension brought out the poet in our tweeters.


Tense right up until the end.


Don’t look behind you, Greg!

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Not taking anything away from GVA’s great win, the attention, however, went to Sagan, with his stoned trucker look – and even stranger post-stage interview. ‘Hey man, got any cheetos?’

om-trucker-hair-5 om-trucker-hair-1a om-sagan-trucker-hair-5 om-sagan-trucker-hair-1 om-sagan-trucker-hair-2 om-sagan-trucker-hair-3 om-sagan-trucker-hair-4


And then it just got weirder.

Sunday …

Riding on bike paths again today. This is a no no. Not that anyone (I’m looking at you, UCI) stopped them by enforcing the rules. I’m supposing that the enigmatic wording ‘do not ride on the bike paths’ was what was holding up the enforcement.


Tony Martin‘s face had an argument with the road – and his face lost. But, as usual, bloodied yet unbowed he got back on his bike. BTW, I know we’re all supposed to be proud and impressed when things like this happens but I would have rather seen Tony get into the team car that was going straight to a hospital to get checked over as he did fall on his face at speed. No shame in a CAT-scan.

kbk-tony-martin-1 kbk-tony-martin-2 kbk-tony-martin-3

As the race came down to the wire for the break of five, there was only one thing to do. Tighten your shoes.

kbk-shoes-1 kbk-shoes-2 kbk-shoes-3 kbk-shoes-4

This time, Sagan would not be denied.

kbk-sagan-win kbk-sagan-win-2 kbk-sagan-love-1

After a long day in the saddle, it’s gummy bear time!

kbk-gummy-bears-5 kbk-gummy-bears-1 kbk-gummy-bears-2 kbk-gummy-bears-3 kbk-gummy-bears-4 kbk-gummy-bears-6

And finally …


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