Final KM: Santos Women’s Tour Stage 1

It might be cold, grey and wet here in the northern hemisphere, but the it’s hot, sunny and full of lycra-clad racers down under. Social media abounds with photos of pro-cyclists with cute joeys, stoned Koalas and scary looking snakes – it can only mean one thing.  HELL YES!!! the off season is OVER, people, and we’re shivering on the brink of a great year of racing, I feel it in my bones. Leading the peloton charge is the Santos Women’s Tour.
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Santos Women’s Tour: Aspirations and ambitions

The 2017 season kicks off this weekend in Australia, starting on Saturday with the four-day Santos Women’s Tour, which this year has attracted many of the big names and teams in women’s cycling. Sunday, the men will warm up their legs with the People’s Choice Classic before settling into the Tour Down Under, which begins on Tuesday the 17th. Sheree has made the trip to Adelaide and will be bringing you all the news from both the women’s and men’s races.  Continue reading

Tweets of the Week! The Jump, The Jam and The Jiffy Bag

It’s a new year and I feel invigorated by the thoughts of the new road season starting so I’ve dusted off my screenshot keys for the first of this year’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK! Riders are all over the world, doing all kinds of things, so this’ll be a bit of a jumble. But we have some great tweets! Let’s saddle up!

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