Tweets of the Week: Farewell to Luca …

Okie dokie – we’ve just got our first WorldTour race under our belts and we have the tweets to prove it with some goodies from Adelaide. We also have a little bit of Boonen and Fabs, Andy Schleck – yes, Andy Schleck, and we say farewell to Luca Paolini.

Porte’s dream come true

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Richie Porte looking so lean. After winning the Willunga stage for the fourth consecutive time this year, Porte finally then went one better and won the whole damn TDU. Lots of speculation as to whether this is some sort of statement as to his success in July – but let’s face it. It’s six months away. Who knows *what* is going to happen in that time!



Esteban is everywhere

Some fun and games from Esteban Chaves and the Orica boys while he quietly rode himself onto the second step of the podium. Personally, his smiling face stuck on a Skybot gives me chills … and not in an electrifyin’ way.

tdu-chaves-challenge tdu-chaves-challenge-2 tdu-chaves-challenge-3 tdu-chaves-challenge-4

As popular as ever

Super Sagan was a major draw all week in Adelaide, always happy to get a picture taken with tiny fans and signing autographs.

tdu-sagan-with-small-fans tdu-sagan-pro-record tdu-sagan-fave-pic

Credit where credit is due – Caleb Ewan continually thwarted Sagan’s plans for a stage win but Sagan always took time to congratulate him on his win. Niiiice.


Speaking of Caleb … could this be the year he consistently takes it to Cav, Kittel and Greipel?


Always interesting to see riders finding their place in new teams. Koen de Kort has moved from Giant to Trek and although things didn’t quite go the way the team planned last week, it seems the Trek teamwork is shaping up quite nicely. I now proclaim that I am officially very excited about this team.

tdu-koen-de-kort-2 tdu-koen-de-kort-1

Oh if only we could get Robbie McEwen on Eurosport. But I guess we just have to rely on Periscope during the big races to hear his brilliant commentating from the tiny portacabin that he and Matt Keenan squeeze into, before they get booted out by Phil and Paul.

tdu-hansen-and-mcewen tdu-ewan-and-mcewen

A retiring life

I am beginning to wonder if Jens ever goes home – he seems to be busier and in more places now that he’s retired than he was when he was in the pro peloton!


Another retiree was out and about – but dressed a bit more formally than the Jensie. Yep, Fabs was on watch duty at the IWC gala.


And blimey, look who it is! Andy Schleck – looking a bit more filled out than in his ‘stomach of anger’ days duking it out with Baby Blackbird. Now, I just find it fascinating that he knows John Kerry. Or that John Kerry knows him. How does stuff like that happen, I wonder. “Hello, Luxembourg, this is the Secretary of State’s office. Secretary Kerry is looking for someone to ride with – anybody free?”


And it seems that Bradley Wiggins is worried about the post-retirement paunch and so is taking part in The Jump not for the money, but because he doesn’t want to ‘get fat’. Move more, eat less, Brad, that’s what us mere mortals have to do …


He’s not retired yet, but he will be in about three months. I wonder if Tom Boonen will miss press conferences. Probably not. But I bet the press conferences will miss him. Total pro.


Farewell Luca

One more very popular rider who we have lost to retirement, Luca Paolini. He tried to get a contract to come back after his 18-month ban for cocaine and no team wanted to know, so he bought a café on Lake Como instead – a café that is going to be very popular with fans, I should think. We wish him every success and hope he enjoys a long and prosperous retirement. (Hey Midge – should our next cycling trip be to Luca’s cafe?)

paolini-retiremement-2 paolini-retiremement-1 paolini-retiremement-3 paolini-retiremement-5 paolini-retiremement-4 paolini-retiremement-6

The last word


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