VeloVoices Podcast 97: Our 2016 VeloVoices Awards

From Best Hair to Rider of the Year, from Unsung Hero to Lifetime Achievement … it’s the VeloVoices Awards results! Midge, Kathi and Panache have tallied up the votes and announce the 2016 winners. There are a few surprises …

Listen here:

Review all our nomination posts (with updated winners)

Spine-tingling Moment

Heartbreaking Moment

Breakthrough Rider (Men) 

Breakthrough Rider (Women)

Unsung Hero (Men)

Unsung Hero (Women)  

Unsung Helpers 

Best Hair 

Best Race Finish (Men) 

Best Race Finish (Women) 

Rider of the Year (Men)

Rider of the Year (Women) 

Lifetime Achievement Award



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