Kitty’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: Cycling photography books

While Panache has been hunting down super-cool kit for Christmas, I’ve been looking at some of the year’s best cycling photography books. Tomes that might be the very thing to bring a smile to the face of the cyclist in your life. (Even if that cyclist is you!) Each of these books has its own flavour and perspective – yet none of them disappoint. 

Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs by Michael Blann


Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs; Michael Blann; £34.95

Feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular mountains in the cycling world. This beautiful coffee-table book is the culmination of three years of work by photography Michael Blann. Sun, snow, tunnels and cols – this book will get you climbing every mountain, even if it’s just in your own imagination! All books ordered from Michael’s site are signed by the photographer. (Also keep an eye out for my interview with Michael later this month!) £34.95 plus £3.95 standard shipping. 224pp; hardback; published by Thames & Hudson 

michael-blann-book-2 michael-blann-book-3 michael-blann-book-1

Circus: Inside the world of professional bike racing by Camille J Mcmillan

Anyone familiar with Rouleur magazine knows Camille’s work – I particularly love the way he captures the craziness around the races, with riders themselves often serving as a backdrop as much as a subject. And this book has that in spades. A labour of love spanning two decades, this book features some familiar photographs but also many never-before-seen shots. A cycling fan would love to unwrap this on Christmas Day! £30 plus £3.95 standard shipping. 240pp, hardback; published by Velodrome Publishing


Magnum Cycling by Guy Andrews 


Magnum Cycling; Guy Andrews; £32

Magnum is arguably the most famous photography agency in the world and as a Magnum photographer you are the creme de la creme of reportage. Former Rouleur editor Guy Andrews (who, let’s face it, has an eye for a great photograph) has trawled the Magnum archives to put together this magnificent book including work by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. A book to be treasured. £32 plus postage; 256pp, hardback, published by Thames & Hudson

magnum-cycling-1 magnum-cycling-2

Paul Smith Cycling Scrapbook

Designer Paul Smith is known for his love of cycling – only a few years ago, he designed the jerseys for the Giro d’Italia. So this scrapbook isn’t an exercise in jumping on the cycling bandwagon, it’s put together with a real love and deep understanding of the sport. As with anything that has Smith’s name on it, it is extremely stylish with just that right amount of quirkiness. The link is to his own site, which has other cycling merchandise, some of which are eye-wateringly expensive. £30. 256pp, softcover, published by Thames & Hudson 



Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews

Guy Andrews has been busy this year – the second of his books on our list (no, I’m not his agent), this is a celebration of all things LeMond. As soft-spoken and affable as Greg LeMond is, his cycling career was one of high drama, astonishing victories and downright treachery at the hands of teammates and compatriots (I think you all know who I’m talking about …). This book charts all the ups-and-downs of his career, year by year, with exclusive interviews and iconic photography. US$45; UK £36. 304pp, hardback. Published by Velopress. 


Please note: all links and prices were correct at time of posting. While I have given online links to publishers pages, these books are all available at quality bookshops throughout the UK. And if you’re looking to get me a Christmas present this year, you couldn’t go wrong with the Magnum Cycling book… 😀 

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