VeloVoices Awards 2016: Best Hair

There ain’t no words for the beauty, the splendour, the wonder of my… hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair. Flow it, show it, Long as God can grow it!
It’s one of our most popular awards categories and is open only to the men.

Previous winners: 2015 – Daniel Oss

Daniel Oss, returning champ

Kathi: Wild thing … you make my heart sing …

Peter Sagan

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Sheree: Peter Sagan‘s lustrous locks, often confined to a man bun, have shone all season long – much like his bike racing. ‘Nuff said …

Geoffrey Soupe

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Ant: When it comes to hair prowess, look no further than Geoffrey Soupe, the man of a thousand moustaches.

Bas Tietema

Midge: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sagan and Oss have a certain swagger and style, but I give you the new kid on the block – BMC Devo’s Bas Tietema. Whether he’s posting on the ups and down of racing or precious time spent with his wonderful family it’s done with all the unruffled bedhead charm of our favourite boyband member.

Peter Sagan (again … it has to be)

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Panache: Like Sheree, I have to nominate the Lion’s mane that is Sagan’s. I mean it’s even spawned it’s own Tumblr.

The Winner

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This was one of the closest votes for first and second, but the Lion of the Peloton, Peter Sagan, was half a wheel in front of Bas Tietema (only 5 votes in it!); Daniel Oss was third, Geoffrey Soupe, fourth.

One thought on “VeloVoices Awards 2016: Best Hair

  1. I have no idea how all these pros tolerate cycling for hours on end sweating way with all that hair. The aftermath is nothing short of a sticky, knotted, gross disaster zone! I guess they must have a team of hair care and stylist professionals on their team’s payroll to sort it out for them post ride.

    I recently grew mine to about the length of Sagan’s in that last photo – then it got so annoying I lopped it all off in favour of the much more practical and exercise-friendly short back and sides.

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