VeloVoices Awards 2016: Unsung Hero (Female)

Sarah Connolly’s nominations for our women’s Unsung Hero Award – with a few surprises! 

This category is meant for domestiques, but you might be surprised to see some big names in here. One of the things that is special about women’s cycling is that because their trade teams are limited to six riders, they can’t specialise as much as the men can, so you’ll find riders who are TT experts and climbers, GC riders who race sprint lead-out, and of course, superstars supporting their teammates. So don’t be surprised if you see wins from these riders as well as sterling support. Continue reading

VeloVoices Awards 2016: Unsung Hero (Male)

They work tirelessly for everyone but themselves. They strap themselves into those ridiculous bidon-vests and pick up their body weight in bottles for their teammates. They ride into the wind to give their captain shelter without batting an eyelid. They are the unsung heroes of the peloton. But we’re singin’ today … here are our picks for this award …
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