Tour Tweets of the Week: The Dada Edition

In the absence of last week’s Tour Tweets (I would have got it written if not for that pesky day job of mine), I had a glut of tweets that I’ve been saving. We all know that Tweeters can be harsh critics sometimes, but what we also know is that, given the right circumstances, cycling tweets from fans and riders alike are often incredibly funny. So for my final Tour Tweets this year, I combed through the hundreds of tweets I’d collected and selected only the ones I thought were funny. And in homage to Dadaism, I have decided to put them all up in random order. Boom!

Without rhyme or reason

What happens when a disciplined riding machine takes a sip or two of booze?

Beer 1 Beer 2

after 5

Or when the crowd is drinking.

Bardet 1

Meanwhile, one of the sport’s great time trialists was just chillin’ in the hot seat on the final ITT.

Dumoulin 2

Dumoulin rain


Fabs 4

Would *you* want to be called The Flea of Policoro?

nicknames 1 nicknames 2 nicknames 3

That little kid in the Jacques Cousteau cap. Maybe it’s a French thing.

Pics 3


Q 3 Q 5 Q 6

He saw horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses.

Q 7

Q 25

Fresh from Easter Island.

Q 9 Q 10

Mikel Landa practicing his go-go dancing. Apparently.

I find this funny in that Valverde looks like a character out of Mad Max – in a green sulphurous light of doom.

Q 12

Remember the Oleg tweet of being naked by the roadside and having a minion pour water over him from the top of the van so he could ‘shower’. Well, poor Dan Wuori does …

Q 16

Now we know what went wrong on Ventoux …

Q 19

I found this tweet exchange both funny and erudite. Some cycling tweeties are just that cut above.

Q 20

Knowing how dull ITTs can be, I praise all here for making the day go faster with their clever wordplay.

Q 21

Team tensions …

Q 23 Q 24

If the tractor art isn’t by the roadside, create some of your own on the carpet.

Q 26 Q 27

Q 28

David Millar. Style Icon. Not.

Q 29 Q 30

They’re all drifting downstream – it’s a wonder a few of them didn’t end up in the ocean!

Q 33

I just thought this was terribly amusing.

Q 35 Q 36

Just a dragon …

Q ovals


Rules 10 Rules 11

Keeping the roads free for the cyclists …

runners 1 runners 2 runners 3 runners 4

This is one of my favourite timeline captures ever.

Ventoux 1

You don’t ask, you don’t get, I think was Tom D’s reasoning here.

Ventoux 2

Adam Blythe had the perfect answer to this question.

VEntoux 3 Ventoux 4

In the yellow jersey for about 30 seconds. He deserved a plushie!

Ventoux 6 Ventoux 7 Ventoux 8


The last word

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 19.36.25

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