Tour Tweets of the Week: Impressive, astounding and repellent

It’s the second of this year’s Tour Tweets of the Week and we have controversy (punchgate), surprise (StorkSuperTuck) and a dots duel – and that’s just Chris Froome‘s entries this week. We also shed some tears for Baby Blackbird, shed some tears with Purito, and shielded our eyes while looking at Ashley House‘s Tour Extra wardrobe. We also have some random observations, the Gruppetto and some dancing. Get low on the top tube ‘cos we’re ready to go … 

It ain’t pretty – but it is effective

Chris Froome was active this week. Controversy after controversy, all of which blew Skyhigh on Twitter. First up … Punchgate. In what is actually a time-honoured response of riders to fools who get too close for comfort, Froome punched a crazed Colombian fan – well, more ‘pushed with intent’ – I wouldn’t describe that action as a punch (please note the Bernard Hinault picture below for the pictionary definition of ‘punch’). The number of times I’ve seen tweets detailing what fans would do if they got their hands on the idiots who interfere with the riders on those mountain tops, it’s a bit disingenuous to suddenly be aghast that a rider actually hit out.

Froome punch 3

Froome punch 1

Froome punch 5

Froome punch 6

Then we had the dots-duel with ‘The Winker’ Rafal Majka. To be honest, I couldn’t have cared less who won that one but it sets up our final Froome segment. At the time, I thought it was odd that there would be a scuffle for those points as I couldn’t imagine Froome gave a flying squirrel for the polka dot jersey … until we look at it from a ‘setting up the peloton’ for the next mountain top.

Froome Majka 1 Froome Majka 2 Froome Majka 3

And finally, the #StorkSuperTuck. The most ungainly thing I’ve ever seen in my life. One thing you have to admit is, Froome really doesn’t care what he looks like – or what people think he looks like. He’s there to win, pure and simple.

Froome descent 7 Froome descent 6

Froome descent 11 Froome descent 10 Froome descent 9 Froome descent 8 Froome descent 4 Froome descent 3 Froome descent 2 Froome descent 1

Farewell my lovelies

Two departures – one that was not in the plan, one that was. First up, Baby Blackbird had to abandon, due to fever and those nasty injuries from his two crashes earlier in the week. Love him or hate him, you have to admit – he never would have looked around at everyone else when Froome went on the attack on that descent. He would have jumped straight onto his wheel. That’s why we’re so sad that he’s no longer in the race.

Contador 1 Contador 2 Contador 3 Contador 4

The next one had us all in tears. Purito announcing his retirement at the end of the season – and it hurt.

Purito 1 Purito 2 G Purito burrito

Dancing and other merriments

Ashley House and Juan Antonio Flecha – the dynamic duo – were colourful and energetic during the week.

Ashley dance 1 Ashley 1 Ashley 3 Ashley 4

The most random tweets of the week

I’m just putting these out there because I found them funny and sometimes mystifying.

Random wookie

Random stormtroopers Random rutting Random pot noodle Random onsie Random motor legs Random mascot Random llamas Random LeMond Random dolphin

The Gruppetto

What’s the difference between random and gruppetto? No idea. But I feel there is one.

G field art

Attack of the flamme rouge

G Flamme rouge

For Midge.

G Fuglsang

I really like this.

G Greipel portrait G Shark profile

So all those wheelies were just Robbie‘s way of bluffing. (Who, by the way, is brilliant at commentating – if only he’d Periscope through the whole stage …)

G Robbie day

Hmmmmmm. Slim Shady?! Is it just me that feels that he’s more dated than the Beatles ever will be?

G rest day 1

G Rest day 2

The champ …

G Quinziato TT

A great photo from Marshall Kappel.

G Pyrenees

That one on the far left – that is NOT the same plushie. That is a different, smaller, less nose-y plushie.

G plushies

Poor Pierre Rolland had a row with a stone wall and didn’t win.

G Pierre 1

‘Sometimes you’ve got to do bad stuff …’

G Howes downhill

So is Aru under there somewhere? Is that where he’s been this week?

G gymnastics

Some GVA action!

G GVA yellow 2 G GVA yellow 1 G GVA Lemond

One of the best pictures of the Tour ever.

G Coquard

I think Cav is speaking for a lot of sprinters …

G Cav 1


G Astana 1 G Astana 2 G Astana 3 G Astana 4

Banana head (and no, I’m not talking about Fabrizio).

G bananas

Does it matter than Dan From Nam isn’t in the Tour – not in this column, it doesn’t. He’s great. He belongs here.

G Dan the man

Maybe it was the heat …

G Valverde 1

There’s no way I was going to put the naked Oleg tweet up. But you get the idea.

G Tinkov Neverland

The last word

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 09.41.26

3 thoughts on “Tour Tweets of the Week: Impressive, astounding and repellent

  1. All good stuff!

    Though I take issue with your statement that the Hinault punch is the very definition of a punch. I mean, look at that technique. It’s the definition of a ‘cyclists’ punch…

  2. I love the Sagan flying tweet. Dammit! He really is freakin’ Superman!

    Funny thing is, at 46 years-old my first thought was, “Oh, I gotta learn to do that! The guys will flip out when I pull that move out on DALMAC!”

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