Tour Tweets of the Week: Cav can-can, Bernie’s back and Sagan swagans

If Twitter is going bonkers, it must be July – and it must be the Tour de France. We have the thrill of victory and the agony of road rash, field art that winks and cows impersonating wheels; we have Cav and Sagan, Henderson and Hansen, Stuyven and Contador … and loads more. 

First time in yellow

It seems fitting that one of the greatest sprinters the sport has ever seen and one of the greatest all-round talents both wore the yellow jersey for the first time in the starting weekend of this year’s Tour de France. Mark Cavendish played down his chances of yellow before Saturday’s stage (what with all his track training and the ArgoSunGod in top form, he wasn’t necessarily doing himself down) but came through in a scrappy sprint to take his first head-to-head victory ever off Marcel Kittel.

Cav Sat

Cav yellow 3 Cav yellow can can Cav yellow start Cav yellow Cav yellow lose

And here he is in green – although he’s only just babysitting that jersey for the man who took yellow from him.

Cav green 2

And now that they’re on the same team, looks like we’ll have more pictures of the Ladies Favourite™ this season. Yes, heeeeeeeere’s Bernie!

Cav green Cav green a Eisel

Speaking of the man who took the yellow jersey off Cav … it’s the Velvet Samurai himself, Peter Sagan. Can you believe, this is his first Tour de France stage win since 2013? 2013!!!!! And it’s the first time that a World Champion has won a stage that puts him into yellow for, well, yonks.

Sagan yellow

Yeah, that smile doesn’t look fake at all, Peter. More like ‘if I humour him, maybe he’ll go away’ smile.

Sagan Oleg win

One thing you can always say about Sagan, he’s pretty relaxed about things. Lose yellow? No worries … I still have the rainbow.

Sagan stripes

He’s also very relaxed around fans and always takes time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Class.

Sagan popular

Sagan fans

Now, let us speak about the hair: ‘The hair of a man who holds a sword while fighting a tiger …’ Well, okie dokie then.

Sagan hair 2 Sagan hair Sagan MGM lion


“… then you hear them coming …” The four riders of the Apocalypse? No, the peloton. Chasing down a lone rider bidding for glory. With only a few hundred metres to go. We can see how much it hurt for Jasper Stuyven.

Stuyvn I tried 3 Stuyven I tried

Richie Porte had his own ‘shit day of #unluck’ with a puncture at the least opportune moment and having to rely on the neutral service car to change his wheel, losing a bucket of time on the GC. I guess pretending it didn’t happen is as good a coping mechanism as any other.

G Porte disaster

Sam Bennett and Michael Morkov went down hard in the crash on Saturday.

G Sam Bennett 4

But Greg Henderson really showed what sportsmanship is – trying to give them a little boost as they fell behind on Stage 2.

G Sam Bennett 2 G Sam Bennett 3

G Sam Bennett 1

And of course, Baby Blackbird. Wounded, riding in his socks …

Contador shoe 3 Contador shoe 2 Contador insole 1 Contador crash

…but still willing to sign a jersey or two.

Contador sign

The Majka of field art!

Warning: this may give you nightmares.

Tour winks 1 Tour winks 2

Tour winks 3

Sometimes, you just don’t know if it’s a design feature or some sort of decay …

Tour cows 3

The cows as the wheels of the bike went over very well on Twitter – led by the fabulous LesVachesDuTour.

Tour cows 2

The Gruppetto

If anyone should know how to pack for a Grand Tour, it would be the Mighty Adam Hansen.

Tweeties were largely unimpressed by the anniversary POC helmet.


Robbie McEwen must have caught sight of that hideous sunnies/helmet combo.

G McEwen stunned

Either that or his beret was blown off.

G McEwenism

Breakfast of Champions, obvs.

G Hairbou

“Now remember … if some kid tries to breach the walls of your sandbox, pick them up and throw them out. No hesitation. Do what your grandpa would do.”

G Hinault jr jr

Interesting tactic.

G Ag2r Froome

This is for Midge.

G Breschel blue steel

This is what happens when sponsorship comes to the Daleks.

G Costa Arashiro dalek

Jens is starting to miss racing …

G Jens

The Last Word

Last word

Header image: © GETTY/Michael Steele

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