Tweets of the Week: Three who lassoed the moon

I’ve collected a load of tweets from this past week but as I was setting it out, I realised that this will probably be the shortest Tweets of the Week I’ve ever written, but surely one of the most meaningful. In light of the terrible injuries suffered by Stig Broecks at the BelgiumTour, this week’s tweets seemed particularly poignant. Here are three incredible cyclists who have each had to overcome physical adversity to get to the top of their sport – but the most beautiful thing they have in common is their attitude towards life.

Champion in the making

He might not have won the Giro, but Esteban Chaves certainly won pretty much everyone’s heart.

Chaves smile 2

This is why Chaves is the man that he is. The first to congratulate Vincenzo Nibali on winning the Giro were Mr and Mrs Chaves. I think we need to start a fan club just for them.

Chaves family

Chaves parents 2

He has a team who love him and give everything they’ve got for him.

Chaves emotion

I dare you not to get something in your eye while watching this.

“It’s my wonderful life”

Chaves wonderful

A champion returns

That Boy Phinney has been a favourite of ours for years – and his quote below is one big reason why. Both he and Chaves have come back from near career-ending crashes, battled their way back to the top of their sport – all while keeping a positive attitude. ‘Life is beautiful.’ It surely is, Taylor.

G Phinney 4

Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 20.56.46 Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 20.57.03

G Phinney 1 G Phinney 2 G Phinney 6 G Phinney 5 G Phinney 3A new champion

Ready for more? How about this from new US road champ, Greg Daniel:  “Let them talk in their shortsighted ways. I may be legally blind but at least I’ve got a vision.”

G road champ 2 G road champ

Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 20.37.43

The last word

Last word




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