Giro Tweets of the Week: Hair, horns, hammers and Hansen

It was another week in the Giro – there was an historic first maglia rosa, a lot of hair, a Giro donkey, and a little kangaroo who could. Over in California, we had pirates, cookies and Cav. 

A Movistarlet’s close-up

That Andrey Amador is a VeloVoices favourite so we raided the drinks trolley when he became the first Costa Rican rider to ever wear the maglia rosa. I’m just going to show you a bunch of pictures now.

Giro Amador 6 Giro Amador 5

So while we’re on the subject of favourite young riders, here is Esteban Chaves, who won the Queen stage on Saturday and who really does have the best smile in the peloton.

Giro Chaves 1a Giro Chaves 2 Giro Chaves 3 Giro Chaves 4

Hair & Horns

Daniel Oss and Manuel Quinziato – sort of the ‘before and after’ of BMC (hair-wise).

Giro BMC 1 Giro BMC 3

Giro BMC 2

Giro Oss hair

Bob Jungels’ hair, on the other hand, just doesn’t seem to move.

Giro Oss hair 2

Giro Jungels kids

This is a poignant picture. If anyone thinks that riders don’t feel it – both good and bad – they’d be wrong.

Giro Jungels 1

One of my favourite pictures this week: the newest rider in the Movistar peloton.

Giro Movistar 1

Looks like it’s not just small children who got into the peloton action this week.

Giro Horns 1 Giro horns 2

Of course, in California, the horns are a little bit different.

Giro horns 3

No horns, but a lovely pink hat. All the world seems to be at the Giro.

Giro donkey

Back over in California again, we have pirates. And cookies.

ATOC pirate

ATOC cookies

Italia mi amore

Gratuitous pictures of beauty.

Giro Italy 3 Giro Italy 2 Giro Italy 1

His Nibs chases the JumboBee

Giro Kruijs 1 Giro Kruijs 2

This sounds ominous … We’ll know by the end of today if His Nibs’ prediction comes true.

Giro Nibs paid

The Gruppetto

ATOC Cav 2 ATOC Cav 1

Always a smile from Adam Hansen.

Giro Hansen 2 Giro Hansen 1

It’s not all glamour … in fact, hardly any of it is glamour.

G Real men

There’s no towel, people. No towel. Little Pippo is on the loose.

G Massage 2

Looks like G is making up for the no towel situation above by wrapping himself in 10 of them.

G Massage 1

This is very very sad news – no more IAM as of the end of this season. Here’s hoping all the staff and riders get new placements for next year. That’s a lot of people to put out of work …

G IAM no more

Giro abandon

Last word

Giro hammers

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