Tweets of the Week: Neige-Hoth-Neige

This weekend, we went from Liege-Bastogne-Liege to Neige-Hoth-Neige and back again, all within the same day! Seems the riders were paying for the beautiful weather we had in the Cobbled Classics … 

Sometimes it snows in April

LBL pre feet

Meanwhile, Velocast took a wrong turn and ended up at the London Book Fair, getting the inside scoop on all those authors and publishers. Those bookworms are loose cannons!


If you pin your numbers on, but no one sees them under your rain cape, are you still in the race? That was the great philosophical question a lot of the riders were grappling with as they prepared for the race.

LBL pre numbers 1

LBL pre numbers 2

LBL rain gear

Dan Martin, looking for an escape route. Or the London Book Fair. “I want some literature and I want it now!’

LBL pre Martin

LBL pre Pizza Hut

The tribulations of having a girlfriend who could not care less about cycling.

LBL pre TV

The Fans of Bob Jungels were out early to nab a good spot. Just me, or does he look like Spike Milligan in Three Musketeers?

LBL pre Jungel fans

Spike Milligan

Oh, alas poor Hilltop, I knew him, Horatio. (A little Shakespeare action as it was the 450 anniversary of his death this weekend.)

LBL pre Alaphilippe

Chaos and disorder

It was cold. It was very very cold. So cold, it froze the fire out of Purito. It also caused Ekimov to tweet in Fabianese – swap the cloves! Or maybe he had a little Shakespearean flair.

LBL during snow 3 LBL during snow 1 LBL during snow 2

King Kelly was in top form, even if some of the riders weren’t. And he knew just when to go get coffee.

LBL during Kelly

Meanwhile, Michael Rasmussen – remember him? super skinny guy who didn’t know Mexico from Italy? – seemed to not appreciate the hard work Carlos Betancur went to in order to drop some of the excess ice cream weight. But, um, what a weird way of saying it … ?

LBL during Betancur LBL during snow 5 LBL during stockings

A few of tweeters were disgruntled about the re-routing of the course, shaving off 5km of a 250km race with no climbs affected – five WHOLE kilometres! – and were aggrieved that – egad! – the extreme weather protocol might come into play. Because whenever snow makes it difficult for tweeters to get into work, they don snowshoes or take to their sleds to get to work because, dammit, they’re getting paid to do their job! No excuses! So it was nice to see some taking the piss out of their own reactions.

LBL during weather comments LBL during Zdenek

By the end of the race, which saw driving rain, bright sunshine, and ‘a bit of a blizzard’, it was Wout Poels who took the first Monument for Sky.

LBL win 1 LBL win split 3

LBL post stats 2 LBL post stats 1

Strange but true

Poels’ win was like Marmite. Some loved it, some hated it. There were even some who didn’t have an opinion either way (which is rare on Twitter).

LBL win split 1 LBL win split 2 LBL win split 4

Unsure who the many interlopers are …

LBL win split 5

O! Somebody slap me!

They looked tired, don’t they?

LBL post suffer 3 LBL post suffer 1 LBL post suffer 2

So it’s a shame that the races weren’t, well, the most exciting races we’ve seen this year. I wonder if we would like them more if they didn’t come right after the Cobbled Classics, which are almost always super duper.

LBL post dull

The question of u

Over the weekend, track rider Jess Varnish spoke out about the way she was told there was no Rio for her, in fact, there was no more British Cycling for her as she was dropped and she alleges that she was told to ‘go and have a baby’ by Shane Sutton.



WT BC 1b

WT BC 1c

WT BC 1d


WT BC 2b

WT BC 2d WT BC 3 WT BC 3b

And why on earth would someone talk to a woman’s partner about her career – and not her?


And it was giving Aussies a bad name.


Oh and for all those who don’t believe there is sexism in cycling? I’ll just leave this here …

WT pay

The Gruppetto

The Wolfman barbecues when he says he’s going to barbecue.


Do a little dance …

G Croatia TTT

Oh, now that is a sad sad face …

G Disappointment

Felix found a little kitten in his bike bag, adopted him and has named him Wes.

G kitten in a bike bag

I wonder if Marco will be wearing that hat while he’s coaching. I triple dog dare him …

G Pinotti

While the Velvet Samurai has gone back to his roots.

G Sagan MTB 1 G Sagan MTB 2

Love this picture!

G Sagan MTB 3

More Shakespearean hijinx!

G Shakespeare 1 G Shakespeare 2

I guess we all have our breaking point …

G pillows

JV taking Maserati Millar‘s poison pen in his stride.

G JV Millar book

Bond – vanquished by a fleet of Boris Bikes. It’s true!

G cycle lanes

G Rowe cut

The last word

Last word

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