Tweets of the Week: The gold of Amstel

It’s a short but sweet Tweets this week – we have some Ardennes action and a whole lotta guys in the Gruppetto! Let’s get going!

Thar’s gold on them thar roads!

It was the start of the Ardennes and Bling was READY.

AGR Bling 1 AGR Bling 2

The interview that Midge is referring to is here.

Interest angle on Mr Kreuziger.

AGR pre race Kreuziger

Some comments during the race, including PhilGil’s new nickname.

AGR during race 1 AGR during race 2

LOVE this picture from Tim de Waele. Perfect reflection on the foxes and the hares.

AGR final KM

Bob Jungels, who has a national jersey almost identical to Niki Terpstra. Niki, on the other hand, doesn’t have a pain face like this!

AGR Jungels

I just liked this podium picture. Gasparotto looks like he might cry – and you know how much I love an emotional winner!

AGR podium AGR Team Wanty Gobert

No Tweets is complete without at least one post about someone’s hair. This week, it’s Danish hair. It’s Valgren hair!

AGR Valgren hair 1 AGR Valgren hair 2

The Gruppetto

Do Dan and Ryder really look alike on the bike? I don’t see it myself.

G Dan Martin Ryder

This is why you need good bike-handling skills. There is cake to be brought home. Cake must be protected at all times.

G Giant cakes

Katusha using that beautiful thing called ingenuity.

G makeshift wheelchange 2

G makeshift wheelchange 1

It’s always a good week when we can put in pictures of weddings, babies or small children. Here is Matt Brammeier‘s happy day! May the happy couple have many, many years of happiness.

G Matt Brammeier wedding 1 G Matt Brammeier wedding 2

Daniel Oss has a very tidy home. In fact, I thought he was sitting in a shop. But, you know, in a good way.

G Oss reading

The Velvet Samurai is going back to his roots. In a zebra kit.

G Sagan MTB

Nasal strips and harlequin jersey, all worn by the slimmed down figure of … Carlos Betancur! Do we think that this might be his year?

G Slim Betancur 1 G Slim Betancur 2

And some moving pictures for you all just before I go!

My favourite Movistarlet, Andrey Amador.

The entertainment at TroBro Leon.

Baby Blackbird sings up a storm

The last word

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.23.29

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