Tweets of the Week: Help me Ronde!

This week, it was all about the cobbles – and it didn’t disappoint. We have before, during and after tweets of the 100th edge-of-your-seat Ronde van Vlaaderen. So let’s not hesitate … 

In Bruges

Cycling through Bruges at night …

RVV before Bruges

Waking up to your Instagram feed and realising what day it was.

RVV before instagram

What that Bruges crowd looks like from the stage, courtesy of Koen de Kort.

RVV before Koen

And courtesy of the Orica-AIS team.

RVV before womens

Announcing the Etixx lineup – and a little speculation.

RVV before predictions

The Velvet Samurai got a special paint job

RVV before helmet 1

The #LadiesFavourite Bernie Eisel is back in the peloton. My, but we’ve missed him.

RVV before Bernie

Always time for a fan.

RVV before autograph

And during the race, it wasn’t all just The Velvet Samurai, SacredHaunches and Sep Formica. Nooooo, it was Gorilla and Barbie, KwiatKrush and Best Hair in the peloton.

RVV during Greipel RVV during Haussler RVV during Kwiat RVV during Oss

During the race, we didn’t see much of Sagan’s teammates it seemed.

RVV during Sagan teammates

A rough day

There was a lot of road rash and collarbone busts along the way.

RVV injuries Schar RVV injuries GVA 1 RVV injuries GVA RVV injuries Oss RVV injuries Demare RVV injuries 1

The aftermath

Sit down, have a beer, have a girl wipe your face down with a big loofah mitt.

RVV after beer wipe down 2 RVV after beer wipe down

Yet somehow, not a hair out of place!

RVV after Cannondale hair

KwiatKrush, after he whistled his way over the Paterberg.

RVV after KwiatKrush

“So guys, I wonder what happened out there on the road. Shall we have a little chat when you’ve had a beer and a wipe down with the big loofah mitt?”

RVV after Lefevere

I don’t know who those people are who thought Flanders was boring but they weren’t watching the race I saw.

RVV after narratives first RVV after narratives

A monumental moment for the World Champion.

RVV after Sagan 1

I wonder if it’s a Maserati …

RVV after Sagan 2 RVV after Sagan drop

Do you think he’ll get that bonus?

RVV after Sagan Oleg

A worthy champion.

RVV after Sagan podium

A sombre note


RVV after Dehaes 1 RVV after dimitri

RVV after Sagan speech

RVV after Green Man

The podium

RVV men podium 1 RVV men podium 2 RVV men podium 3 RVV rainbows podium

The start of the double rainbow day.

RVV women finish RVV women podium RVV women after Armitstead 1 RVV women after Armitstead 2 RVV women after 1

A wistful goodbye

This has obviously made me very very sad – seems unthinkable that we won’t see Fabs next spring.

RVV finish Fabs

RVV after Fabs history RVV after Fabs heart RVV after Fabs follow RVV after Fabs crush RVV after Fabs goodbye

Fabian has left the building

RVV Fabs farewell

The last word

Last word

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