Easter treat: Art of Cycling’s new book

Forget the Easter eggs this weekend and treat the cyclist in your life to a copy of Greig Leach’s latest book Art of Cycling: Richmond 2015 UCI Road World ChampionshipsEach of the races at last year’s Worlds has its own dedicated chapter, including a map of the race route plus a complete list of every participant. The event took place on Greig’s home turf, on roads he regularly rides, so each picture is annotated with his personal recollections.

Art of Cycling book cover

Greig painted all of the works in the book from a live feed in the Greater Richmond Convention Center, directly opposite the podium, giving him an opportunity to interact with the riders, their families and the public. A number of his fond memories from the Championships are covered in his Introduction to the book.

If you were wondering how Greig works so quickly to convey the movement and colour of a bike race, check out this video of him painting the recent Tirreno Adriatico.

For a more detailed review of the book, head over to Pez Cycling News.

You can purchase the book from its US publisher or in Europe from Amazon.

You can follow Greig’s work on his Website, Twitter and Facebook.

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