Tweets of the Week: A Classics kick-off

We’ve just gone through our first Classics weekend of the season – and oh what a group of races they were! We had the eternal second finally go one better, we had an audacious solo win, and a world champion taking their first win of the year. Plus, Dan Wuori was back and tweeting and that’s cause enough for celebration in my book. 

It begins …

For a lot of us, the season hasn’t properly started until we’ve had a peloton pounding over the Belgian cobbles.

First tweet Classics

That said, looks like Ann’s going to have a tough season if she’s already sick of the Velvet Samurai.

First tweets season kicks off

It’s that time of year when #clambitchen trends.

OHN Clambitchen

OHN flemish

A few pre-race pics.

OHN Pippo OHN Rowe

And of course the UCI were there, checking for those pesky motors.

OHN UCI check

Just remember: don’t cross the streams!

OHN pee

OHN beer

And cycling fans everywhere are ready to leap into action when a fellow fan can find a live feed.

OHN stream

The first victory of the day on Saturday went to World Champion Lizzie Armitstead – caught by Jered Gruber!

OHN Armistead

Then the men decided to get racing and Jasper Stuyven tried to bridge to the break, which included Ann’s favourite, Peter Sagan.

OHN Leach 1

But nope.

Stuyven OHN fall

There were also no Etixx riders in that front group with Sagan and GVA. What is it about Omloop that makes the Etixx riders have the head staggers when it comes to tactics?

OHN sagan 3

Everyone on Twitter expected Sagan to win. His hair – on both head and legs – should have given him Samson-like power!

OHN Sagan to lose 1


But nope.

OHN GVA victory 1 OHN GVA victory 2 OHN GVA NOt second

No Etixx riders were in the top ten.

OHN GVA bomb

OHN Boonen 1

Niki Terpstra decided to get philosophical on us. I guess because the alternative (as in ‘we f***ked it up’) was too painful.

OHN Terpstra OHN Terpstra 2

No double rainbow for Dan though.

OHN double rainbow 1 OHN double rainbow 2

Surely Lidl Champagne is an oxymoron?

OHN Lidl OHN Lidl 2

While Jasper Stuyven got himself back on his bike and still made it into the top 10.

OHN Stuyven top ten 1 OHN Stuyven top ten 2 OHN Stuyven scrape


It’ll all end in a bunch sprint…

KBK, the Sprinter’s Classic, didn’t turn out the way everyone thought either. But first, the riders talk to their fans. You can just hear Niki saying, ‘Well, there are only ten riders who could make the top ten, you know…’

KBK Fans Boonen KBK fans Thuens

And one of the best race plushies, a donkey with a stylish scarf. I WANT.

KBK donkey 2 KBK donkey 1

The rainbow jersey, again, rode pretty big and bad for most of the race.

KBK Sagan attack 1 KBK Sagan attack 2 KBK 1

Nacer Bouhanni, for some reason, had to make his own dossard.

KBK 2 KBK Dodd

But it was young Jasper who stole the entire show.

Stuyven victory 3 Stuyven victory 2 Stuyven victory Stuyven text Stuyven Rast Stuyven victory 4 Stuyven victory 5 Stuyven victory 6

Stuyven Jens congrats Stuyven GVA congrats Stuyven future Stuyven Dodd

Stuyven congrats Fab Stuyven chocolate

Stuyven more Vuelta Stuyven morph

It was one tough day, however.

KBK hunger knock

The Hurt Locker

Poor Bas Tietema suffered a broken collarbone in Brussels-Opwijk but he kindly documented it all for us. (He’s SO boy band, no?)

Hurt Bas 1 Hurt Bas 2 Hurt Bas 3 Hurt Bas 4

This is just terrifying. It’s a wonder Arnold Fiek wasn’t killed.

Hurt Fiek 1 Hurt Fiek 1a

And it’s a wonder Stig Broeckx wasn’t killed by the medical moto that hit him at speed and didn’t even stop to check if he was okay. He obviously wasn’t okay …

Hurt Stig 1 Hurt Stig 2

The Gruppetto

Saturday was sure packed – we even had a new Hour Record from Evelyn Stevens.

Hour smile 2 Hour smile Hour 2 Hour 1

Baby Blackbird was out and about for a training ride.

G Contador coffee

Obligatory Fabian picture.

G Fabs bike

Unfortunately, Fabs deleted the picture before I could screensave it. But it’s good advice all the same.

G Fabs mobile


G jersey

Another throwback picture – Juan Antonio Flecha winning Omloop. Let’s hope we see him on our Eurosport screens again this year.

G Juan Antonio Flecha

Speaking of Sky, we still haven’t seen Mikel Landa, due to illness, nor have we really seen KwiatKrush! What’s going on? I’m starting to think Sky is actually doing a Stepford Wives number on the two of them.

G Landa lost

We like the sound of that too.

G March racing

Mon Dieu!

G Mon Dieu

I think Peloton magazine is over-reaching on this tweet. Personally, I can’t imagine Porte being any threat to Blackbird if AC is racing to win.

G PN showdown

It’ll only cost you £547.50. Style don’t come cheap, kids.

G Rapha coat

Bib etiquette.

G STrava

Zdenek Stybar has his priorities straight. What a little charmer!

G Stybar

Yep, cycling is all glamour.

G toilet costs

I love this photograph.

G Tour 1936


G Vansummeren

The Last Word

Last word 2



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