Tweets of the Week: #PowerLegs, Cannondale corner and Baby Blackbird

With so many races going on and everyone so tired of Maserati Millar, it’s a bit of a mixed bag this week. But I have to say, it’s a fun mixed bag. We, of course, have the SacredHaunches and ArgoSunGod, we have an obscene victory salute, the Baby Blackbird Effect and more …

Fabian is trending

Hells bells, Cancellara went and won the Algarve TT last week, beating basking shark Tony Martin. But before we get to his podium kisses and his power legs, we go back back back into the annals of time and see Fabian as a pup. With the mischievous looks of those three, well, you got trouble my friend …

Fabs as a pup

Fabs was in the hotseat and looking rather majestic. And have you all noticed #CapsNotHats (Trek finally get it together).

Fabs hotseat

>mwoah< >mwoah< podium kisses for everyone!

Fabs kiss

There be some muscle in those legs. #PowerLegs

Fabs race legs

And he’s trending …

Fabs trending

You’ll do yourself an injury

Golly – that young Mr Skjerping certainly is taking one for the team …

Fist 1 Fist 2

The poor guy …

Fist 4

Ah what the hell, let’s have Cannondale corner.

G Joe 1 G Joe 2 G Joe 3

You know, I didn’t even recognise Mick Jagger in that lime-green Cannondale kit. He does not look like himself at all.

G Uran 3 G Uran 2

G Uran 1

It seemed that it didn’t matter that Geraint Thomas won the overall, as the press only had eyes for Baby Blackbird.

G Contador effect 2 G Contador effect 1

Meanwhile Phil Gaimon put a lot of thought into his Twitter profile page. We like.

G Gaimon 1

ArgoSunGod just keeps shining

Well, Marcel Kittel certainly has had a fine time this month.

Kittel 1 Kittel bike Kittel happy 1 Kittel happy 2

More podium kisses for everyone!

Kittel kiss 2 Kittel wins

As opposed to fellow sprinter and compatriot, Andre Greipel, who broke a rib the other day yet still expects to ride KBK. Hard. As. Nails.

G Greipel bones

Speaking of doing yourself an injury, this kind of descending always makes me queasy …

G Etixx descent

Beer for everyone! Then beer kisses for everyone!

G Ronde booze

The Gruppetto

Just when we were getting rid of Oleg, something even worse comes down the line.

G Bahrain 1 G Bahrain 2 G Bahrain 3

I don’t know if you guys know that Daniele Bennati has a cat that Panache made fun of a few years ago and he’s been blocked ever since. Panache, this one’s for you. You’ll never seen Bennati smiling at you like that!

G Bennati

That cake would put you into a sugar coma for a week …

G birthday 1 G birthday 2

G birthday 3


G Blockbuster

“Yeah, you know, just hangin’ out with my other white van men in the parking lot…”

G BMC mini van

“I follow all the world!” And here we thought FDJ were the philosophers of the peloton. (When I say ‘we’, I think I might mean just me because no one else seems to care about Jean-Paul Sartre’s influence on the FDJ photographer!!)

G Bouet virus

Speaking of FDJ – tell me truthfully that those shadowed portraits above the names aren’t all broody and philosophical. Tell me! They are bloody well contemplating the meaning of life, make no mistake!


I was hoping with the departure of Maserati Millar from the peloton, we would have seen the last of that ‘stack ’em high’ nasal strip look. Vichot, non!


Nothing quite like a Cartier-Bresson image to brighten the day.

G Bresson 6 day

We love Dries Devenyns (although I’d have to say that Dries doesn’t seem old enough for this guy to have been a fan since childhood …)

G Dries fan

“I scream you scream we all scream for Haagen Dazs!” EBH and his Norwegian fans.

G EBH selfie

Great photograph

G Kramon

Even greater news – Adriano Malori was out of his hospital room for the first time since his horrible accident last month.

G Malori

Last time Nibblets saw a rider in a Sky kit coming at him, he threw a bidon at him. Luckily this kid doesn’t look anything like Chris Froome.

G Nibbles fan


G Omloop 1 G Omloop 2


G Paolini

Astonishing Rebellin is still in the peloton – for so many reasons.

G Rebellin

A farewell to Sven Nys, who rode his last professional race on the weekend. Funny how a picture can be full of emotion and you don’t even need to see their faces.

G Sven goodbye

You know, Thor never looks happy in his selfies. Ever.

G Thor

It’s time to whip it! Whip it good!

G Whippet

Man of the people.

G Wiggins relief

And a sad goodbye to a cycling commentating legend. #RIPDavid

DD 1 DD 2

The last word

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.44.30


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