Tweets of the Week: Plastic bags, headbutts, slow shoes and cloning

Oh, but hasn’t it been a week? We had headbutts (in two separate races!), stage-winning plastic bags and boys who can’t change their shoes fast enough. 

ArgoSunGod rules okay

After the trials and tribulations from last season, Marcel Kittel came out of the blocks racing with his new Etixx team. And, holy moly, his hair was still magnificent.

DT Kittel grrr

Kittel kept getting the better of Mark Cavendish – in fact, Cav has never beaten Kittel in a bunch sprint when they were both in contention. Ever.

DT Kittel sprint 4 DT Kittel sprint DT Kittel sprint 3

Cavendish tells the press what he thinks of Kittel’s return. “Very very difficult to beat”:  10-0 now. And 9 of those weren’t after “a year’s holiday”.

DT Kittel sprint 2

DT Cav Kittel shake

But it wasn’t all sprints. Here’s what Fabs, PhilGil and ArgoSunGod looked like at the Hatta Dam finish. #FullGas

Screen shot 2016-02-07 at 19.53.18

But let’s get to the hair.

DT Kittel hair DT Kittel kitten

DT Kittel video 1 DT Kittel video 2

DT Kittel confetti DT Kittel frame 1 DT Kittel frame 2 DT Kittel frame 3

But it wasn’t just about Kittel. There was that headbutt from Cav, after the tunnel crash that left Kittel blocked and Cav far behind, he took his frustrations out on a CCC rider next to him in the sprint.

DT Cav headbutt

Here is Cav with Christopher Walken.

DT Cav Holm


Elia Viviani won the headbutting stage and made this really odd comment afterwards. It’s a rare interview when an athlete speaks so candidly about his ability.

DT Viviani 1 DT Viviani 2

Meanwhile Bradley Wiggins was in the race. He’d said before the start of the race ‘not to expect anything from me’. He was true to his word.

DT Wiggins comeback DT Wiggins 2

And now for our picture round.

DT pics 1 DT pics 2 DT pics 3 DT pics 4 DT pics 5 DT Rui 1 DT Rui 2 DT trophy

In these shoes? I don’t think so

The Tour of Qatar started yesterday and Etixx-QuickStep did not line up because they weren’t invited.

Etixx Qatar 1 Etixx Qatar 2 Etixx Qatar 3a Etixx Qatar 3 Etixx Qatar shoes boots

SunTour of Pain

Looks like Peter Kennaugh found a guy nearly as hot-headed as he is.  There were rumours of some post-stage head butting (was Cav there?) but nothing official.

HST anger 1

Meanwhile, Bobo, the new Aussie road race champ, showed just how difficult the race was.

HST pain 1 HST pain 2

And a friendly selfie at the very end.

HST podium

Baggin’ a win!

Stijn Vandenbergh has been a stalwart teammate for his entire career and his day in the sun came on Sunday. A plastic bag tagged along for the ride. A popular win all round.

VCV bag 2 VCV bag 1 VCV bag 3 VCV bag 4 VCV bag 5 VCV bag 6 VCV bag 7 VCV bag 8

The gruppetto

What kind of tennis team has 9 players?

G tennis team

Last from the cyclocross – couldn’t resist putting this fabulous picture in.

G Sven Nys

Love is in the air.

G sparkle

One thing is for sure … there’s nowhere to hide in a skinsuit.

G skinsuit

Rapha’s new domestic kit.

G Rapha marigolds

The glamour of cycling – spinning in a parking garage.

G Orica parking lot

That famous tennis team did well …

G Movistar 1

Don’t feed him after midnight.

G Landal wolf

Katusha with yet another positive.

G Katusha positive

Love this kit.

G Italy Qatar

I’m finding it hard to believe this is actually Chris Froome’s body – he has thighs in this picture! That can’t be right …

G Froome zoolander

The photographer for FDJ’s new rider portraits was obviously channelling Jean-Paul Sartre (one of the toads of history, by the way): “Life begins on the other side of despair.”

G FDJ pensive 2

“Do you think that I count the days? There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.”

G FDJ pensive 1

Obligatory Fabian posts. Get used to it. It’s his last year. He’ll be here a lot.

G Fabs 2

This photograph was taken on the day that I met him – I MET HIM. Funnily enough, he sort of had that expression when I started talking to him. Kind of “I’m sure I renewed that restraining order, but maybe if I don’t make any sudden moves, she’ll go on her way …”

G Fabs 1

Everytime I see this picture, I think the MightyDegs is trying to fix a laserjet printer.

G Degs bike

While Giant teammate Chad Haga has finally been able to do a bit of spinning on his own. Which is fabulous news.

G Chad bike

There seems to be some sort of cloning programme going on at the Cannondale camp.

G Cannondale twins

Oh Bernie. We just got you back from the Death Star and you’re out with a broken collarbone. Heal up soon! We need you in the peloton!

G Bernie

The Last Word

Last word 2


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