Tweets of the Week: MightyBridie, double trouble and legends

It’s that time of the week – we have tweets coming out of our ears! We’re seeing double down in Argentina, legends down under, some suspect kit and much more. But first, let us celebrate one magnificent woman’s achievement …


Bridie O’Donnell took to the boards for her attempt at the women’s world hour record last week. She had spent a year preparing for this. It was her Hour of Power.

Bridie start 1

Bridie during 1

Bridie finish 1

By the end of the hour, she had herself a world record. And a lot of congratulatory tweets! She’s probably still going through them!

Bridie won 1

Bridie finish 2 Bridie finish 3 Bridie finish 4 Bridie finish 5

Bridie congrats 2 Bridie congrats 3 Bridie congrats 4 Bridie congats 5 Bridie congrats 1


One of the highlights of the Tour Down Under week is the Legends Dinner. I’m loving Robbie McEwen‘s retro-50s look. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days …

Legends Robbie 3

Of course, the Jensie was doing what he does best – schmoozing!

Legends Jens 2

And photobombing Julie and Jen!

Legends Jens photobomb

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days!

Legends Robbie 2

Meanwhile, on Willunga Hill

Richie Porte took the queen stage (third time!) and had a special crown of flowers for his effort. Or not.

TDU Porte 1 TDU Porte 2

TDU wheelie TDU Willunga 1

Meanwhile, the de Korts were still acting like newlyweds!

TDU de Korts 1

TDU de Kort 2

Um, no comment.

TDU Farrar lookalike

TDU Movistar

And here’s the Croc! And there’s Julie again!

TDU Spot Croc

I find this picture kind of disturbing. And I’m wondering why they are wearing goggles.

TDU Tall Kangas

Get that boy’s name – we’ll see him back on Willunga Hill in about 15 years …

TDU Willunga 2

Front and back page.

TDU back page

Seeing double in San Luis

First, the Brothers Nibblets

TSL Nibs Younger : Older

Then, we had Quintana the Younger come into his own. Dayer is the 2016 Tour de San Luis champion.

TSL Quintana 1

Meanwhile, the Velvet Samurai just shone brightly like the superstar he is.

TSL Sagan

The Gruppetto

Valentine’s Day is coming up so if you’re looking for love …

G cycling love

The MightyDegs now has his Roubaix shower plaque. (Hopefully that’ll cheer him up after that awful crash)

G Degs shower plaque

One more start of the season for the SacredHaunches. >sigh<

G Fabs in new clothes

If only this were a unicorn bike …

G golden seahorse

Best kit in the peloton.


Ooookaaaaaay …

G Liggett Lance

David Millar in the form of ostrich.

G Millar ostrich

Well done!

G TeamRwanda

When I first saw this picture, I thought he was in the supermarket picking up some vodka. I’m still not sure that’s not what this picture is…

G vodka shopping

Julia is asking what a lot of us are thinking – where is the ladies favourite? On the ice, apparently.

G Wheres Bernie 1 G Wheres Bernie 2

I’ll leave you with this final picture. I’m stunned – not only by what Pippo is wearing, but that he’s actually in a picture where he *is* wearing something.

G Pippo

The Last Word

Last word


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