Tweets of the Week: Team Grumpy Cat and a whole lotta roos

This week – of course – has the obligatory photos of Tour Down Under riders cuddling roos and handling snakes, but we also have boys with great hair, Team Grumpy Cat and so much more!

New jerseys …

BoBo gets a present! There was a tweet going around this morning (Monday morning) that young Jack is 150/1 to win TDU – which I think is rather churlish of the bookies.

TDU Bobo jersey 2 TDU BoBo jersey 1

I suppose if you’re aggressive, your hair takes quite a bashing (especially in those helmets), but couldn’t they have just given the guys a little sachet of shampoo and maybe put on a little raging figurine on the trophy instead?

TDU Agressive jersey 1 TDU Agressive jersey 2 TDU Agressive jersey 3

I have to say, Dani King‘s KOM (surely that should be QOM?) jersey is absolutely lovely!

WTDU KOM stage 1

Cadel is feeling a bit flat …

TDU Cadel

While Crikey Cadel, the croc with attitude and charm, is in Adelaide!

TDU Croc

I say this every time, but you never see Adam Hansen and Dennis Quaid in the same photograph.

TDU Hansen 3

Dennis Quaid

Roos and other animals

You know the drill …

TDU kanga comment TDU kanga boa TDU kanga roo

I have no idea what that koala thinks it’s doing …

TDU kanga koala TDU kanga koala 2 TDU kanga cuddles TDU Howes kangas

Is it a prologue? Is it a criterium? Does it matter?

TDU Peoples Classic confusion

TDU Caleb 2 TDU Caleb 3

And after the sprint, a special treat for the Trek boys. A kiddie pool filled with ice! Nice!

TDU sprint icebath

While the Wiggle High 5 team get to sit with Jens. He’s a charmer …

WTDU with Jens

I love this picture. I bet we see that little girl in the peloton in a few years with a role model like Nettie.

WTDU Nettie plus fan

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat, it’s not your fault!

First of all, what is the deal with their hair???? Second, what is the deal with that kit!!!!

Grumpy Cat kit 1 Grumpy Cat kit 3

I can’t not see Grumpy Cat now.

Grumpy Cat kit 2

This conversation unravels fairly quickly.

Grumpy Cat kit 4 Grumpy Cat kit 5 Grumpy Cat kit 6

The Gruppetto

Spam spam spam eggs and spam  …

G Chicken again

The Velvet Samurai disguised as a confused zebra. The Tinkoff boys are in San Luis (where there are no zebras)

G Sagan zebra

Crazy golf socks. Don’t try this at home.

G argyle socks

Men all over the world take to their beds and whine.

G Cav flu

I’m really unsure about this kit. At first I thought it was reminiscent of the great Cervelo Test Team but now … the green is really putting me off. And where’s the little hand of Qhubeka?

G Cav kit


G Leeks Keisse

Great hair, GREAT hair from the ArgoSunGod. Looks like Kittel is getting back to his cheerful self. You can always tell by the hair.

G Martin Kittel

And now a random set of tweets around Mathieu Van Der Poel, the new cyclo-cross champ.


I love this picture. “I did it, Granddad!”


Those are some sunnies they got there.

G Nibs Aru

This should really be a caption competition, shouldn’t it?

G pyramid

Congrats to the lovely Manuel Quinziato – how he gets time to do a law degree when he’s captaining the BMC boys all year! Multi-tasker!

G Quinziato law

Okay, ArgoSunGod had some great hair but Peter Sagan has definitely got some game when it comes to the do.

G Sagan hair 1 G Sagan Hair 2

Now that’s an uncomfortable spelling mistake … I’m concerned about what that mapping is *really* of.

G Trek analized

The Last Word

Last word

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