One last look at 2015

We had a few treats left over from our Advent Calendar so we thought, as you might be a bleary-eyed and slightly fragile today, you’d appreciate just looking at some great shots with comments by the photographers. So here they are from Marshall Kappel, Wei Yuet Wong and Ian Walton.


Geraint Thomas, Tour de France 2015 ©Marshall Kappel

Marshall Kappel: Geraint Thomas wipes the sand and sweat from his face after a wet and windy Stage 2 across the flatlands in Zeeland at the Tour de France.


Side street at the base of the Plateau de Bielle, Tour de France 2015 ©Ian Walton

Ian Walton: At the bottom of Plateau de Bielle. Le Tour is a circus but I love the chance to meet people from all over the world. I love to see how global even the smallest villages are. And how if you walk a 100m down a side street, you can find a scene oblivious to Le Tour, chatting on the street, not for the Tour, but because that’s what they do most days.

Wei Yuet 5

Fabian Cancellara, Japan Cup 2015 ©Wei Yuet Wong

Wei Yuet Wong: Japan Cup, Fabian Cancellara at the start – back to the races for me and also back to the races for Cancellara, with the fans and with cycling, where he belonged. I was nervous for sure because I knew I was rusty, and out of touch. Was I ever really part of this sport?


Team Sky, Dauphine 2015 ©Marshall Kappel

Marshall Kappel: Pete Kennaugh shines in yellow under the beautiful skies of France at the Dauphiné.


Gotthard Pass, Alps, 2015 ©Ian Walton

Ian Walton: Gotthard Pass in June. 2,000m and cobbles and shrouded with cloud. Possibly my favourite road.

Wei Yuet 6_

Peloton, SEA Games, 2015 ©Wei Yuet Wong

Wei Yuet: After the Giro, I needed to shoot the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. I managed to borrow equipment, and Canon Singapore was also very generous in loaning me some stuff for free. I managed to keep it together for the Games, but went into a very low time after that. It was different to shoot a big cycling race at home, and I suppose we still not see such a big race in Singapore any time soon. I love this picture because it shows almost all the countries represented in the Southeast Asian Games, the diversity of such a small part of the world.

And that’s a wrap for the 2015 season. It’s a new year and the new season starts soon. We’ll be revving up the Tweetmobile, polishing up our racing prose and clearing our throats for our fortnightly podcast so keep an eye out for our 2016 coverage starting in a few weeks. If this season is anything like the one we just saw, we’re in for a rip-roaring time! 


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