VeloVoices Advent Calendar 19: Framed

I love Jon Baines’ devotion to getting a shot from a new perspective – and today’s photograph really illustrates that.

The picture : Framed

Every time I shoot a race, I’m always looking to capture it in a different way – this shot was one of those occasions. It was the final lap of the 2015 British National Road Race and we knew it was either going to be Pete Kennaugh retaining his title or Mark Cavendish winning the race for the second time in three years. I’m never really that bothered about getting the finish line shot with a lot of other photographers so I’ll either try to find somewhere with the finish in sight or I’ll head just beyond the finish to where the soigneurs are waiting so I can get a clean shot of the winner immediately after the stage.

On this occasion it just so happened a friend and part owner of the Corley Dropps team had rented a old cottage right on the finish and he took me up to get the shot out of the window. At first when I saw how little the windows opened, I’d thought I’d made a mistake but in the end I managed to get this shot of Pete Kennaugh celebrating his win between the gap in the window with the crowd on the opposite side.

Baines DSC_4737-3

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