VeloVoices Advent Calendar 14: The winning move

Today’s Advent photograph is as much about luck as it is intuition – Jon Baines took a chance and it all worked out wonderfully.

The picture : The winning move

This shot is from the final stage of the Tour of Turkey on the streets of Istanbul. The morning of the stage, we travelled up this narrow cobbled road, which was inside the final 2km of the stage and had a nice little kick so it was an ideal point for anyone looking to surprise the sprinters teams. I’ve found with much of this year that being in the right place at the right time is as much about luck as it is intuition and on this day I found myself right in the perfect spot to catch Lluís Guillermo Mas make his winning move. I actually stood on someone’s doorstep and had to half guess when the riders would pass because i wanted to use the little corridor to frame the shot – I could have completely missed the shot but on that day it worked out.

Baines DSC_2018-2

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