Christmas gift short : Monuments

I keep finding great things that I didn’t include in the gift guide over the weekend, so I thought I’d just post them up as and when. Today, we have a fabulous (very limited edition) print from MassifCentral.

I love this print to commemorate the Monuments 2015 – so much information, so striking. This print takes Milan-Sanremo, Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Lombardia and compares all their information (and profiles). At £135 unframed, it’s not an everyday purchase, but with a size of A1 (that’s printers’ speak for ginormous) and as a limited edition of 15, it would be something to cherish. If you want it, buy it now.

MassifCentral Monuments full

Monuments 2015 Limited Edition Print; £135 + p&p, unframed; MassifCentral



They also have individual prints of all Monuments, both in black and white and in colour. These are A3, limited editions, £35, plus postage.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 13.53.29

Paris-Roubaix print; £35; MassifCentral

And if you *really* want to get your loved one something special, MassifCentral can create a bespoke artwork based on personal ride data. Have you or a special friend done a once-in-a-lifetime ride? Or just a beloved route that never gets old? MassifCentral can make something gorgeous for you. Not in time for the 25th this year, I suspect, but gifts aren’t just for Christmas, you know! Details on the website.


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